Brandon Hantz on his Exit from Survivor Caramoan

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Wow. After this week’s wild episode of Survivor, we are joined by the man at the center of all the drama, Brandon Hantz. Rob speaks one on one with Brandon to discuss his troubled times on Survivor Caramoan and what he’s thinking now.

Brandon comes out swinging against Rob accusing him of having a problem with Brandon. Rob asks Brandon why he thinks that Rob has a problem with him. Brandon accuses him of talking with Jerri about his game (Note: Brandon is apparently confusing Rob Has a Podcast with Jerri’s appearance on the Afterbuzz Survivor show).

Turning to the game, Rob asks Brandon if he was happy with the way the events were depicted last night and Brandon said he was thrilled with the show. Brandon says that his fate was a foregone conclusion and if it wasn’t for him doing what he did it would have been a boring episode of Survivor.

Rob wanted to know if Brandon felt like this was a quit and Brandon says that it was not. Brandon says that if anybody quit it was Phillip Sheppard and his tribemates who wanted to throw a challenge to get rid of him. Rob asks Brandon how come he couldn’t get Brenda, Erik, Andrea and somebody else to vote Phillip out of the game if nobody liked him and he said that nobody would switch against Phillip. Brandon thinks that everybody feels like they can beat Phillip at the end of the game so they are all thinking they can repeat what Boston Rob did in Survivor Redemption Island.

Later, Brandon tells us why he changed his game so much from the first time he played and also why he has a problem with Whoopi Goldberg.

Rob asked Brandon if he has gotten any treatment since the events that transpired on Survivor and Brandon balked. Brandon says that he is really a teddy bear and does not need any additional treatment or medication.

Tune in later today when we speak with Edna Ma from Survivor South Pacific about living with Brandon for over 30 days.

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