Jim Rice on Cochran, Dawn & Brandon’s Survivor Games

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On Survivor South Pacific, Jim Rice played with John Cochran, Dawn Meehan and Brandon Hantz and now Jim joins Rob Cesternino to share his thoughts on them on Rob Has a Podcast. Rob starts off by asking Jim about how he feels like Cochran is doing on the current season and Jim feels like he thinks Cochran and Dawn learned a lot since the last time they all played together. Jim thinks Cochran is doing great at making bonds with all of his current tribemates. Jim is most impressed with Dawn and thinks that she is vastly improved from her game in Survivor South Pacific.

Jim thinks that Brandon Hantz has actually slipped in terms of Survivor playing from his first season to coming back for Survivor Caramoan. Jim tells us how Brandon easily could have won the million during that season had he not given immunity away to Albert.

Turning our attention to the fans tribe, Jim explains why he hated watching Shamar Thomas this season on Survivor. Jim said he even fast-forwarded through some of the parts when Shamar was on the screen. Jim thinks it was the right decision for the fans to have voted out Laura Alexander from the tribe at this point because he thinks the only way fro the fans to stand a chance against the favorites is to start winning some challenges.

Jim answers many questions that came to us from our fans on our Facebook page dealing with the current season, Survivor South Pacific, Jim’s medical marijuana dispensary and much more.

Later, Rob is joined by Nicole Cesternino to discuss Shamar’s cornea, Tata the bushman and listen to your voicemails.

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