Richard Hatch on the Shifting Balance of Power on Survivor

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After a double eviction episode of Survivor Caramoan, Rob brings in the Survivor legend and winner of the first ever Survivor season, Richard Hatch.

Rob starts off by talking with Rich about the surprising elimination of Andrea Boehlke and what Rich thought about that move. Rich thought it was a good move by John Cochran to take out Andrea since she was some of his biggest competition in the game.

Rich did not think that Erik Reichenbach made the right move and doesn’t think that Erik is a very good player at all. Rich says that Stephen Fishbach was wrong to compare Erik’s game this season to the game Richard had played on Survivor All-Stars. Richard also had a lot to say about the alliance started by Malcolm Freberg with Eddie and Reynold, the three amigos. Rob spoke with Richard about the alliance he created in the first Survivor season.

Later in the show, Rob takes a number of voicemail questions from the listeners and discusses the latest in Survivor social media.

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