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Coming to you live – It’s the talk of the town, the Survivor Know-it-alls.  Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach have plenty to say about the week’s episode.

Being in the Butterfly stage of podcasting, both guys were displeased that Brice went home this early. They first spoke off Garrett’s exit interview and how he laid it all out about his strategy.

Rob felt the episode was weird in the structure of the episode and how he thought the split vote plan would cause a huge surprise at tribal council. Rob wasn’t a fan of the idea of the doing a 2-2-2 split but thought LJ should have talked everyone out of the idea. Stephen felt LJ was playing it slick and sly correctly so it wasn’t an issue. Rob thought LJ might have been in trouble looking at the past history of players this season looking too far ahead. Rob thought the better move for Brice-Morgan was to try to target LJ because getting Jefra to vote against Alexis was harder than for LJ. Jeremiah’s decisions along with 3 tribe alliance strategy were discussed, with it being described as a rodeo where players need to just try to hang on in the game for as long as they can.

The guys each thought that someone could have quit after one of the worst rainstorms in recent survivor history. Rob really felt for the castaways and had some flashbacks over the bad weather.

Stephen was saddened by the LJ challenge failings but loved the Brains just doing horrible at the water tossing despite practicing. Stephen thought Tasha would show some competence while Spencer drank water and Kass decorated. Rob liked Tasha’s sass at Spencer and the guys disagree about who is in the best position on the Brains.

The guy were wondering about why no Beauties seemed to care about LJ wondering off in the middle of a monsoon during his idol search. Kudos to the editors was given for the unique episode design this week.

Switching to the Brawn tribe, the guys were up and down on Tony. They praised the Cop-R-Us formation and the improvised scene Tony told Sarah. Stephen thinks Tony might burn himself out early and make a mistake.

Moving on to questions from viewers, they included:

  • Where does J’Tia rank on the challenge liability list?
  • Is Tasha handling her power correctly?
  • Did the Brains switch their vote at tribal council last week?
  • What are the odds of a girl-Beauty pact knocking out a LJ or Jeremiah?
  • Who gets credit for the Maze wheel win on the Brains?
  • Should Brice have pulled the Christy Smith switcheroo?
  • Is Jeremiah on the right track to become a JT (not J’Tia)?
  • What are their predictions for when the tribe swap occurs?
  • How did Cochran beat Stephen in the final 2?

All this and more on this episode 2 recap of Survivor Know-it-alls.

Later this week Rob will be podcasting with John and Candice Cody so be sure to stay tuned for the first Candice appearance since her runner-up finish in Miss Survivor. Leave questions, voicemails, or tweets for Rob and they might just get included in the podcast.

Special Thanks to Nick Fishman for this week’s Know-It-Alls recap

Survivor Know-It-Alls, Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap Survivor Cagayan Episode 2: Cops R Us

Survivor Know-It-Alls, Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap Survivor Cagayan Episode 2: Cops R Us

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