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Survivor: When Should You Tell The Truth?

Odd One OutConfessional of the night: “It’s a question of who’s the bigger liability. Jeremiah or Alexis? Both have connections on the other side. Both could potentially make deals against us. We’ll say yes to Alexis’s plan. We’ll tell her that Jeremiah being blindsided makes sense for us and then we’ll make the decision that actually makes sense for us.” – Spencer

After watching Tony and other players tell the truth at such poor moments, the following should come as no surprise. Survivor wouldn’t work if players had to tell the truth. It’d be more of a sport and less of a game. Which leads me to something incredibly straight forward:

When should you tell the truth? When it benefits you.

There’s no other reason to tell the truth in this game. NONE. Of course this is easier said than done. But if you want to win, this will always be your best course of action.

Common sense, right? Only say and do things that benefit you. This is what makes Survivor difficult, though. You have to be on guard 24 hours a day for 39 days. There’s no time off. You don’t get a break.

And now that I think about it, if you can be “on” 24/7 while you’re out there, you’re probably not human.

Time for “10 sentences or less” WITH (alphabetical) Power Groupings. Why are you still making predictions this early? Oh Michel can, but I can’t? F*ck Michel. Blogger war! I’m kidding. F*ck you. Ha-ha. Not kidding. Rude. Lets go!

13. – 12. aka A mixed bag

Alexis @alexis_maxwell

Sigh My heart sank a little[/caption]

Sigh. I actually thought the Brains were going to stick to their foolish ways and vote out Jeremiah. Sounds like you became the fool.

Indeed I did. When I saw the third vote, my heart sank a little. And then her last words tugged on my heartstrings a bit more. Aw. Your imaginary girlfriend got the boot. How sad.

The sad part was that she wasn’t capable of hiding her strategic mindset. Spencer noted this when he said she’s smarter than she leads on. While that’s a quality Spencer dislikes, it’s one I admire. It can be regarded as somewhat phony, but there’s also humility to it. You’re so frickin’ biased, it’s not even funny. 

Even though she didn’t make the merge, I think Alexis has a bunch of potential. She’s a happy person and like I said a couple weeks back, happy people are infectious and fun to watch. Plus, one day, I want to merge a relationship with her. See what I did there?

Blah, blah, blah. Do you think she can win if she plays again? Probably not. She would have to tag along a domineering, alpha male and strike at the most brilliant time. That’s a limited path. Insert sad face? Yup. Sigh.

Lindsey @LindseyOgle28


I don’t like when people quit

I don’t like when people quit. I LOVE when people quit. What?

Yes. It’s true. It tickles my fancy. Your fancy needs to be stabbed. No! Tickles only.

Quits show how tough the game can be. No. It shows how selfish people can be. Quitters take spots from people dying to play the game. Okay. Put your torch and pitchfork down, loyal Survivor fan. Hear me out. I won’t hear you out if you’re going to be a d*ck. You’re right. Sorry. But…

There have been 10-15 quitters out of 424 players. That’s less than 4%. FOUR PERCENT. I don’t care. It ruins the game. No it doesn’t. It’s another factor players have to account for. Some of them are going to succumb to the game and that’s enjoyable to watch every now and again. Maybe you just like watching people give up. Maybe? Definitely!

How can you expect there to be zero quitters in a game like Survivor? It’s a game meant for sociopaths. This is what they signed up for. Stick it out or don’t come out!

Aye yai yai. This is an opportune time for some JT. He didn’t quit. Not the one from Tocantins. This one… D*CK!

Oh and last remark on Lindsey:

She probably isn’t one of the best human beings this world has to offer.

11. – 8. aka They could win if they were a different person

Jeremiah @JeremiahPWood

Gets all the chicks!

Jeremiah isn’t dumb

Would you look at that? Jeremiah isn’t dumb! He kind of still is. Come on. Give the guy some credit. He sniffed out Tony’s attempt to target him. It was literally the same clue he read a few days ago back at the Beauty camp. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure that out.

Darn. You’re right. Thank you.

Lets continue to play the broken record, shall we? He’ll either be the first or second to go in his new alliance. It would be nice to see him and Morgan team up. Or maybe he could flip and realign with Jefra and LJ. But nooooo, these things won’t happen. You know why? BECAUSE THEY JUST CAN’T.

Jeremiah flew by the seat of his pants when he prepared the chicken for his old Beauty tribe. And that motto won’t change for the rest of his game. Load the cannon because we have some fodder to launch! You don’t launch cannons, dummy. You fire them.

Speaking of cannons…

Morgan @_morganmcleod

Officially fair game.

Got the best of my special lady

At first I thought Morgan got the best of my special lady. But then I realized she didn’t get the best of anything. She has no power and won’t gain any in the future. She’s just there. Morgan isn’t dumb though.

I’m on the fence with her intelligence. She’s certainly manipulative, but she lacks self-awareness. Which makes complete sense for a woman as attractive as Morgan. She’s a one trick pony in a rodeo that rewards those with a wider range of skills.

Because of this, she’s the perfect goat. Although, I don’t think she’ll be making her case at Final Tribal Council. I’m convinced either she or Trish will make it to the Final Four, alongside Kass, Spencer and Tasha.

Also, as much as I dislike her mean-spiritedness, I love her smugness. There’s something about arrogance that makes me feel all tingly inside. You’re a walking, talking contradiction.

Honestly though, is there any circumstance where someone like Morgan can win the game? I see 0% every time.

Tasha @missfoxytasha


Arrogance coupled with naivete

I adore my non-fandom for Tasha. I always giggle a little bit when she’s on screen. Like a little school girl?

Do little school girls giggle? Don’t try to ruin my joke. 

I’ve been trying to pinpoint what it is about her that I so dislike. I believe it’s mostly because her demeanor is unattractive. It’s the head nods. The body language. The arrogance coupled with naiveté. You just said you enjoy arrogance. Ah. There’s different kinds. And Tasha has the kind I don’t favor.

I don’t get you. There’s nothing to get. You can say that again. Fine. I’m annoyed because I’ve come to the realization I have to write about Tasha six more times. Brrr. That was cold. Put me back in the freezer! I’d rather you melt.

Trish @TrishHegarty

In on the fix!

A few rungs above Lindsey

Trish is probably a few rungs above Lindsey on the human being scale. But no more than a few. Okay, Mr. Almighty. Whatever you say. 

It’s funny to think about how casting must work. Was Trish’s main purpose to be annoying? Was Lindsey’s main purpose to be susceptible to annoyance? I understand they both represent other things, but it has to make you wonder. I don’t care. I just want them to put me on! What are you, a five-year-old? Stick with me!

Do you think she and Troyzan would be a good couple? Or are they too much alike? They’re both emotional, delusional and neither of them can win Survivor. They seem more like brother and sister than anything else. Incest is yucky though. Not where Jefra and Jeremiah are from. Oh snap. That’s igloo material right there.

7. – 4. aka They could win under perfect circumstances

Jefra @JefraBland

Chicken sex?

A kitten or puppy

I can see Jefra skipping on the farm and having sweet tea with her daddy on the porch in the middle of summer. Can’t you? Uh. Sure?

She’s like a kitten or puppy. Cute and can do no wrong. Please state something other than the obvious.

Do you remember when she said having Tony on her tribe was a good thing? I think that sentiment is going to be short-lived. Actually, who am I kidding? It’s already dead. Her alliance of five has two Immunity Idols. They’re not dead yet.

My guess is, neither will be played effectively. Which means, by default, Jefra should outlast most of her current allies.

Kass @KassMcQ

Can live with either decision.

The type that does better with power

I’ll concede. Kass MIGHT have a chance at winning this thing. But if you think I’m going to put her in the top three, you’re nuts! That group is reserved for men. The only woman that has a chance of getting into that group is Trish. Zing! Enough of your lame jokes. Why the change of heart?

I feel like she’s gotten her feet under her a little bit. She’s the type that does better with power, whereas others thrive as the underdog.

It puts her where she’s comfortable, in the driver’s seat. While I don’t see her relinquishing the wheel, I’m not confident she can make the correct decisions for herself.

Out of her new six-person alliance, Kass can beat Jeremiah, Morgan and Tasha. She can’t beat Sarah or Spencer. I’m interested to see if she’ll form an alliance with the three she can beat. It’s by far her best option. But as history has proven, she isn’t as smart as her tribe name would lead us to believe. Kass is extremely intelligent. Not when it comes to Survivor.

Sarah @sarahlacina

Getting played like the train section at Toys ‘R Us.

Jury written all over her

Sarah has jury written all over her. But before she gets there, Sarah will claim Tony’s head as a consolation prize. Yes! I can’t wait for Sarah to take Tony down.

While the past tells us she’ll be forgiving of Tony, I think the merge will be a totally different situation. Tony’s celebratory act was put on full display in an organic, public forum. She’s too emotional to push that to the side.

After this play, Sarah won’t have much power again. She’s not manipulative enough to work her way out from the bottom with no allies. Sarah’s smarter than you give her credit for. It’s not a knock on Sarah. It’s just incredibly difficult to do.

She’ll be around for a while, but don’t expect her to muster much of a counter attack before it’s her time to go.

Tony @tony_vlachos

Always looking for that next fix.

I can’t keep up

He’s smart. He’s dumb. He’s smart. He’s dumb. I can’t keep up! Me neither!

Tony is the prime example of what Probst always mentions about players finding it insanely difficult to hide who they are because people have an urge to share information about themselves. It’s the want and need to be heard; the yearning for attention.

His “top five” comment will prove to be the catalyst of his tribe’s decimation. Can one of the members emerge from the pack and claim victory? Sure. But it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Do you think Tony makes it deep? Unfortunately, I think Tony is leaving us next week. And even though I’ve been rooting for Tony to get another crack at Sarah, I’m looking forward to her lovable smirk once he’s voted out. #CopsRUs never had a chance.

3. – 1. aka I’m stubborn (and still sexist)

LJ @LJMcKanas

More horse jokes?

The smarter version of Jeremiah

How come LJ didn’t stick up for his woman? Because Boston women can handle their own! I believe that.

LJ’s the smarter version of Jeremiah. It’s final. There’s no debating it. And it’s driving me up a tree. I enjoy how stoic LJ is. 

It’s okay at first. But the thing is, he has a sense of humor. It’s there. He’s just not showing it. Why isn’t he showing it? I don’t think he’s that type of person. Don’t say that. There’s still hope.

As for his place in the game, I’m expecting LJ to go home quite soon. He has the Immunity Idol still! I know. But I think the success of his gamble at the Tribal Council where Cliff went home is going to prove costly. If that situation didn’t make him play it, what situation will? When he realizes he’s being targeted.

He wants to hold onto it for as long as he can because it becomes more and more powerful as the game progresses. If he changes this mentality on the fly, I’ll be impressed.

Spencer @SpencerBGM

Who the heck is Mike?

It was HIS moment

When Spencer said the vote at Tribal Council would decide the entire tribe’s fate, I started thinking that was the moment.

I should correct myself. I started thinking that was HIS moment. Your Spencer love has to stop. Oh how I wish it would. But I can’t deny what my eyes are seeing.

The tribe made the right decision, but it’s only going to reward this man. You can make an argument for Kass, but that’s all I’ll allow! Who are you to allow anything?

If you can make an argument for Jeremiah, Morgan, Sarah or Tasha, I’m all ears.

Woo @YungWoo23

Isn’t love great?

He’ll outlast them both

Woo is the only man in his new alliance without an Idol, yet I think he’ll outlast them both.

He pulled ninja moves in the reward challenge and he’ll pull some more coming up. Are you being racist again? What’s her face said it during the challenge herself. Who? Trish. Like that makes it any better. He’s a martial arts instructor!

He’s the Asian Sensation. The Mr. Miyagi of Survivor. The Yellow Fellow. Wow. You did not just say that. They’re jokes. Lighten up, Serious Sally. Are you kidding me? Yes. I’m always kidding, No Fun Nelly.

You should play Survivor. I bet you’ll have a blast like Lindsey! I f*cking hate you. I like you. You always know how to prove my points.

Thank you for bantering with me. It was a pleasure.

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