Talking with the Latest Players Eliminated from Survivor – 11/07/13

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Rob Cesternino is with the latest Survivor Blood vs Water exit interviews, this time talking to the latest TWO players eliminated from the game.

John Cody:

  • How does John feel to be a fellow Survivor player like his wife Candice?
  • Did John ever get so hungry that he thought about eating paper on Redemption Island?
  • How awkward was it when Brad Culpepper joined Brad and Candice on Redemption Island?
  • Did John feel like the Redemption Island challenge was biased for a woman to win?

Laura Boneham:

  • Was it worth it for Laura to take Rupert’s spot in the game?
  • Rupert had mentioned on twitter earlier in the season that Laura had a good alliance going, who was in Laura’s pre-swap alliance?
  • Was there anybody that Laura felt particularly betrayed by when the tribe kept Vytas over her?
  • Does Laura have any hard feelings towards Vytas after she talked about how great he was during the game?
  • Why did John Cody exit after her when she in the challenge longer than he was?

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