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It’s the Survivor Blood vs. Water merge episode, and Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach are breaking down the latest blindside on Survivor Know It Alls!

Aras Baskauskas Voted Out

First, Stephen questions Rob about his unrelenting commitment to pronouncing Aras’s name as “Odd Us” when his own brother Vytas does not pronounce it that way. Then Rob and Stephen discuss how the show did not do a good job of hiding what was going to happen– the writing was on the wall. While Aras was blindsided, the audience was not. Rob and Stephen discuss Aras’s chances of running the table at Redemption Island and ponder whether meditation could be Aras’s superpower.

Laura Morett Wins her Way Back into the Game

Rob notes that he was impressed by Ciera in this episode, calling her “the voice of reason,” but was puzzled by many of her mother’s actions in this episode. He didn’t understand why Laura wanted to come back and join up with the other couples: Aras/Vytas an Tina/Katie. Stephen defends this, saying this shows she doesn’t hold grudges. Rob also thinks her plan to split votes was overthinking things, but Stephen thinks it was reasonable based on her past experience with Russell Hantz playing an idol. Stephen and Rob also talk about whether Laura should have burned the idol clue, and whether Aras was too focused on voting out Laura Morett.

Giving Credit to Gervase and Tyson

Stephen can’t believe that Aras and Vytas felt so secure at the merge and not think that maybe someone would be targeting them. Rob gives credit to Tyson and Gervase for helping Aras feel so secure.  Stephen feels Aras and Vytas did not do a good job thinking about what everyone else’s motivation was.

Monica Culpepper Switches Loyalties

Rob and Stephen talk about how Tina made a mistake by letting Monica Culpepper know that she was number 5 in their alliance. Rob was surprised by how much time Tyson spent with Monica. Stephen feels Tyson has learned lessons from his time in Tocantins, and now knows to  spend time with the outsiders. The Know-it-Alls also discuss the lackluster immunity challenge (memory game) and Hayden Moss’s position in the game.

Answering Your Questions

In the viewer question segment, the Know-it-Alls discuss Gervase’s gameplay and “vice president” role, and whether Vytas is the next target. You can vote on whether Vytas will be vote out next at They also talk about Tyson finding the immunity idol, the Laura and Ciera dynamic, and how being #5 with two pairs (as Monica was offered) is actually an ideal position. Stephen also speaks frankly about his friend Tyson’s game, and his need to get rid of the power player.
Be sure to tune into this week’s podcast with Jonathan Penner, as well as Rob’s exit interviews with John Cody and Laura Boneham.
Special Thanks to @RHAPrecapper for an outstanding job with tonight’s podcast recap!

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