Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Blood vs Water Episode 5

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Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap Survivor Blood vs Water Episode 5, “The Dead Can Still Talk”.

Did The Right Laura Get Voted Out?

Rob was a little disappointed by the outcome of tonight’s episode, primarily because CBS ran ads during football on Sunday promoting a blindside in tonight’s episode. Stephen feels the episode was fairly straight forward about it though, considering a player’s first confessional being about trust issues is never a good sign for them in an episode. Stephen has been saying Laura M. was a strategic threat and is happy his prediction has come true. He liked the move as Laura Boneham is a sleeper threat, and her tribe recognizes she poses no immediate danger to them. Rob respectfully disagrees, thinking this could only be burying Aras in the coming weeks. He brings up Aras and his connection to Vytas seeming threatening to Tyson and Gervase, who have already identified Aras as the king of the Galang tribe. Rob says the name of the game for Aras is getting rid of people who definitely aren’t with him, much like how Coach slowly eliminated the outsiders on the Upolu tribe in Survivor South Pacific. He also compares Laura Boneham to Shambo, someone in a tribe who doesn’t really feel apart of that tribe and seems very likely to flip at the earliest opportunity. He asks Stephen how bad Laura Boneham is at Survivor, referencing her trying to throw some of her tribemates under the bus to Kat. Stephen calls it one of the most transparent attempts by a player to get the target off their back. Overall, Rob doesn’t think this is a game shattering moment for Aras, but says this was “too cute” a move. Stephen agrees, but still feels that Laura M. is a schemer and it’s never a bad idea to get rid of a strategic threat.

Is The Nightmare Over For The Loved Ones?

Tadhana finally won immunity tonight and avoided Tribal Council for the first time all season. Rob mentions that he liked the immunity challenge, but thinks that if the entire cast of Survivor One World was going to be brought back anyway, Leif should have come back to fly down the slide again. However, the Know It Alls feel the trouble is far from over on the loved ones tribe. Rob thought it was very telling when Vytas said he can never trust Caleb again after his big move last week, and he might have gone home tonight if they had to vote somebody out. In addition, Stephen felt Tadhana made the right decision to take the steaks over the fishing gear because there was enough meat to share with only five people, and would have caught just as much food with the fishing gear.

Candice Out On Redemption Island

Stephen was not sad to see Candice eliminated on Red-I this week. He understands that her fondness for flipping makes for good television, but still doesn’t really understand why this is her third time on the show. Rob was surprised to see her go, as he expected Brad Culpepper to be one and done. With John once again giving the immunity idol clue to Monica, and Brad once again telling her to throw it in the fire, Stephen brings up the idea that John should try to give the clue to one of the singles like Caleb, and Rob suggests he just offer it up to anyone who might want it or would be willing to work with him should he return to the game.

Questions From You

Will any immunity idols be played this season considering how toxic they’ve become? Could this be the start of an immunity run for The Tadhana Five? Was Jeff too hard on Laura Boneham? And where does Kat stand in the Galang tribe? Plus, Rob and Stephen speculate as to how Edna Ma will fare this Friday night when she pitches BareEase and NumbNuts to the sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank”.

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