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LIVE at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT, Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach, The Survivor Know-It-Alls recap episode 2 of Survivor Blood vs Water featuring the first Redemption Island duel between Rupert Boneham, Candace Woodcock Cody and Marissa Peterson.

Technical difficulties won’t stop Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach – they’re back to break down all the craziness from episode 2 of Blood vs. Water on a live edition of Survivor Know It Alls!

Good Move to Vote Out Rachel?

Rachel has been voted out of the game by the Tadhana tribe and Rob and Stephen are both very disappointed. Rachel was Rob and Nicole’s pick to win and Stephen gave Rachel his pre-season Fishy. The idea of voting her out to try and coax Tyson into taking her place was brought up by a commenter on last week’s show and Stephen was impressed with Vytas, now a two-time Fishy winner, for putting the plan in motion. Rob admits that he is easily fooled and up until the last minute, he thought Dr. John was going to be voted out, but Stephen never suspected that would happen. While John obviously does not want to see Candice leave the game, Vytas knows he will be a better ally for him if Candice is not in the game.

What’s Next for Tyson?

With everyone suspecting he will take Rachel’s place, what’s next for Tyson? Rob and Stephen have opposing views as to what he will do next week – Stephen knows Tyson pretty well and doesn’t believe he will make the switch, but Rob thinks making the switch will put him in a really good position. In the pre-season, Rob and Nicole believed Tyson could clean up on Redemption Island and he should go there, win a bunch of challenges, and come back on day 37. Rob feels Tyson must believe he can beat anyone at anything, so why not go to Redemption Island? Tyson expert Stephen points out that Tyson has lost his Survivor life to carnival games in the past and he won’t want that to happen again. Going to Redemption Island only maximizes how much of Tyson’s game will be left to chance, and Stephen doesn’t believe he it’s a chance he’ll want to take.

Rupert is First Player Eliminated

Stephen was pretty surprised to see Rupert go first. Though he realizes he’s not the dynamic player he was the first time, Stephen says Rupert is better than people give him credit for. Rob brings up Rupert’s legacy – he has seemingly been a fan favorite, but he’s not a Hall of Famer and most fans seem to have grown annoyed with the caricature he has become. Rob and Stephen both noticed that Laura was not all that sad to see Rupert go, as she’s likely had a weight lifted off her and may become less of a target now that Rupert is gone.

Did Dr. John Screw Himself?

Stephen says yes he did screw himself. Rob says that when you get an idol clue very publicly, you can’t hide it from your allies. Not showing it to any of the bros on the Tadhana tribe was a big mistake and Rob and Stephen believe this could come back to bite him.

Has Colton Lost His Mind?

The old Colton returned this week after 4 days of being able to restrain himself. If he plans on willfully going to Tribal Council again, Rob says don’t expect his plan to work out again. These returning players are no Bill Posleys. Stephen mentions that randomly throwing out lies is a terrible way to play the game, and he should take Kat’s advice to not try and play the game so paranoid so quickly. Aras dubbed Colton the gay Russell Hantz last night, but Rob wonders if he was actually acting more like Brandon Hantz. Stephen says if Colton finds this stage of the game boring, he can’t just cause chaos to pass the time and expect it not to bite him in the ass. He adds that it only illuminates the holes in the gameplay that Colton claims is so good.

Viewer Questions

When will we see family members face off at Redemption Island? Is anyone targeting Hayden at this point? How far ahead are Aras and Vytas thinking at this point? Is “Arson” the next great Survivor bromance? And are the guys using smiley faces to frame their votes on the women? Find out the answers to all these questions and more on Survivor Know It Alls!

**Special Thanks to Brendan Noel for this week’s Recap

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