Richard Hatch Talks Gervase 2.0 on Survivor Blood vs Water

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On a huge Thursday edition of Rob Has a Podcast, Rob speaks with the original Survivor winner, Richard Hatch, and the Lego Survivor Recapper, Lisa Ferreira (@MomOfKai)

Richard Hatch

Rob welcomes Richard Hatch back to the show to discuss Blood vs Water. On this podcast, Rob and Rich discuss:

  • Does Richard like the Blood vs Water format?
  • How does Richard feel Gervase Peterson is doing after his 13 year hiatus from Survivor?
  • What would Richard tell Gervase at this point in the game?
  • How does Richard think his old friend Tina has fared after her lengthy absense from the game?
  • Does Richard like Ciera’s move to vote out her mother, Laura Morett?
  • Does Richard think that Caleb and Hayden are playing good games?
  • Does Richard see any of his game in the game that Tyson is playing this season?
  • What did Richard have to say about the passing of his former castmate B.B. Andersen?
  • Is it true that Richard Hatch is the father to over 200 children?
  • What did Richard think about Todd’s appearance on Dr. Phil this week?

We cover all of the questions above and much, much more with Richard.


Lisa Ferreira

Rob is joined by Lisa Ferreira (@MomOfKai) who created the Lego Survivor Sensation “Hold Up Bro” during Survivor Caramoan.   Rob and Lisa answer all of the voicemails left by the Rob Has a Podcast audience (which really wanted to talk about Ciera and Laura).  Plus, Rob and Lisa discuss a really ugly fight between a number of Survivors on twitter on Wednesday night.

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News Story About Richard Hatch Fathering Over 200 Children

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