Talking with the Latest Eliminated Survivor Players – 10/03/13

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast:

Rob Cesternino is back from Podcasting Paternity leave to chat with the latest players eliminated from Survivor Blood vs Water.

Colton Cumbie

In his interview with Colton, Rob discusses the following topics and more:

  • Why did Colton come back to Survivor only to quit?
  • Why did Colton feel like quitting the game wasn’t a selfish move?
  • Did Colton quit Survivor One World?
  • If you went to redemption island would Caleb have taken Colton’s place.
  • Who was Colton most irritated with on the tribe of returning players?
  • Did Colton simply have pre-game alliances that didn’t pan out?

Rachel Foulger

In the second half of the show, Rob talks to Rachel about her time on the show and asks her about these topics:

  • Would Tyson have switched with Rachel if she asked?
  • Are the players allowed to switch with their loved one at any time or only when they first go to Redemption island?
  • How obvious was it when Rachel was on the tribe of loved ones that Brad Culpepper was calling the shots?
  • Rachel seemed closest to Dr. John during her time with the tribe, was she surprised to see him get voted off?
  • We saw Tyson very emotional after Rachel was out of the game, what do we as the viewers not know about Tyson off of Survivor?


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