Talking with the Latest Eliminated Player from Survivor – 12/05/13

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After last night’s exciting Survivor Blood vs Water, Rob Cesternino speaks with the latest player eliminated from Redemption Island, Caleb Bankston

In this exit interview:

  • Rob asks Caleb to talk through the events of the previous episode with Hayden and himself finally when they decided to blindside Tyson
  • At what point did Hayden and Caleb realize that Ciera had flipped to Tyson
  • Did Caleb and Hayden believe that Tyson & Gervase were on board with the new plan?
  • How come Caleb only seemed mad at Tyson & Gervase at redemption island?
  • Were Hayden and Caleb really the ones pushing to get rid of Laura Morett because they couldn’t trust her?
  • How frustrating was it for Caleb’s house of cards to fall down in the final seconds of the challenge?
  • How did Caleb decide that he was going to swing the votes of Katie and Ciera against Brad Culpepper earlier in the season?
  • Does Caleb think that this experience gave Hayden the idea of trying to force the tie on this week’s show?
  • Does Caleb regret the decision to vote against Tina, Katie and Vytas after the merge?
  • What was Caleb’s plan to get to the final 3?
  • How has Caleb dealt with the backlash that people have had against his fiance after Colton quit the game.
  • Earlier in the season, Brad Culpepper implied that he told people at Redemption Island that Caleb couldn’t be trusted.  Does Caleb think that had any repercussions in the game.

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