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Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino preview the new season of Survivor: Worlds Apart. Find out who Rob and Nicole think will win from the pool of 18 new players.

Cast Assessment of the 18 New Contestants from Survivor Worlds Apart, Season 30


Jenn Brown, 22 – Long Beach, California

Jenn, a sailing instructor whose personal claim to fame is that she traveled the world solo on a whim, has hobbies including surfing, kickboxing, and hiking. Her pet peeve is sleeping with sleeves or socks on, which makes Nicole ask if Jenn sleeps in a tank top. Jenn says the Survivor she is most like is Malcolm, who she says is just like her in guy form, or Kate, who had a strong personality. When Nicole asks if Jenn means she is like Kate from Lost, Rob says that is the plane crash survivor she is most like, then he suggests that Jenn might be referring to Katie Collins or Katie from Survivor: Philippines. Rob quotes Jenn as wanting to make her own wine, prompting Nicole to call her a wino, to which Rob adds that Jenn says she will buy a vineyard and a jet ski if she wins. Nicole likes Jenn because she seems athletic, smart (or at least not ditzy), and like someone people will want to have around. Rob and Nicole agree that she seems stable and more like someone who will go with the flow than rock the boat and Nicole thinks that Jenn will recognize crazy. However, because Jenn wants to align with guys and says that she gets along better with them than girls, Nicole thinks Jenn might be crazy herself. While Rob and Nicole question this statement, Jenn says she wanted to be on the show since she saw the first season in 3rd grade and claims to have seen every season. However, they like her chances and think she will not be the first one out from the No Collar tribe unless the crazies on her tribe gang up on her, and also think she will do well in a tribe swap. Overall, they give Jenn a thumbs up.

Nina Poersch, 51 – Palmdale, California

Nina is the second deaf Survivor, the first being Christy from Survivor: The Amazon, Rob’s first season. Nina has cochlear implants and lists her occupation as hearing advocate. Her hobbies include running, hiking, reading, and photography, her favorite sport is rugby, and her pet peeves are laziness, rudeness, and people who can’t park between lines. Rob questions how well Nina will relate to the younger, less well-adjusted people on her tribe because she seems like a well-adjusted woman who is over 50. Her motivations to play are to win the million so she can buy her parents first-class tickets to Japan, followed by the adventure and to let more people know about cochlear implants. While Rob thinks she seems like a fan, he questions if she will screw people over because she seems to want to be a role model and teach people about cochlear implants. Nicole thinks she doesn’t have it in her, especially because Nina claims that she is willing to manipulate but not lie. Nina compares herself to Tina Wesson because Tina played game strategically and with integrity, is physically fit and active, and enjoys adventure. Rob doesn’t like when people use the “i” word, prompting a disagreement between Rob and Nicole on their levels on comfort with swearing on a family member. Nicole likes Nina but thinks she is on the wrong tribe because the No Collar tribe is “coo-coo crazy”, a sentiment which Rob agrees with. If the No Collar tribe decides to vote out oldest person on tribe so they can party, Nina could be targeted.

Hali Ford, 25 – San Francisco, California

Hali goes to law school, but her personal claim to fame is having caught a huge wave in Kauai, which prompts Rob to say she is a good match for Woo. However, Nicole thinks that Hali is full of it. Hali describes herself as tenacious, free (which Nicole thinks is an odd quality for a public defender), and focused, and also compares herself to Parvati, who she shares a tattoo with. Her luxury items would be her law school bar exam review book to stay sharp and to journal in, as well as a journal to map out strategy in and a ukulele because it lifts the spirits and could be useful in non-musical ways, which Nicole says could include being used like a hammer. Hali describes herself as like being like a dude on inside, and also says she is resourceful because she caught a fish with a grocery bag and cleaned and cooked it for her friends to eat. She says she wants an alliance with the tall guy with the curly, blonde hair, who Rob and Nicole think might be either Tyler or Joe. Nicole thinks that Hali seems high strung in her videos but not in her written description of herself, but both Rob and Nicole agree that a showmance seems possible for her. Hali claims to want to make big moves, which makes Rob and Nicole think that Hali probably hasn’t seen the show before. However, they also think that she will be ok in the early going because she doesn’t seem too out there and they decide that she could go far if she doesn’t get voted out before the merge.

Will Sims II, 41 – Sherman Oaks, California

Will Sims lists his occupation as being a YouTube sensation, but is a bartender and his claim to fame is being a husband and a father, which is not the claim to fame Rob expected. His inspiration in life is God, his hobbies are basketball, karaoke, and travelling, and he claims the Survivor he is most like is Earl, who Nicole thinks is boring. According to Rob, Will’s other claim to fame is getting punked at a gas station and singing “Livin’ on a Prayer”. Will is a Bon Jovi fan like Nicole and his clip of singing karaoke at the gas station, which was done for The Jay Leno Show, was a favorite of Nicole’s dad. Rob thinks that Will watches a lot of karaoke videos, but probably doesn’t watch a lot of Survivor. Nicole thinks Will is a pre-merge boot and she relates him to the Bon Jovi song “Shot Through the Heart”. In response to a fan question, Nicole thinks Will gets voted out before Nina and Rob thinks the opposite because of his temperament, but Nicole says this tribe is too unpredictable to be sure either way. Both Rob and Nicole give Will a thumbs down but say they don think he will be the first one voted out from his tribe and Nicole says that she will still do karaoke with him.

Joe Anglim, 25 – Scottsdale, Arizona

Rob notes that Joe has the longest bio and thinks that Joe can’t shut up. Joe is a jewelry designer, prompting Nicole to ask if he makes jewelry out of diamonds and jewels or beach beads and spoons. Joe says people call him MacGyver Joe, which leads Rob and Nicole to question if he is more of a MacGruber from SNL. His pet peeves include bad hygiene, rude, inconsiderate people, and people who don’t replace the toilet paper roll and say “like” too much. Nicole asks Rob what his pet peeves are, so he lists people who don’t like podcasts (to which Nicole responds that one of her pet peeves is people who podcast), people who want to beat him up (to which Nicole responds that Rob is a grown man), and people who make him leave the house (to which Nicole responds that Rob’s pet peeves sound nerdy). In response to Rob’s question of her opinion on Joe, Nicole’s first go-around of him was good, but on review she doesn’t know. Rob thinks Joe is too in touch with his own feelings and Survivor is about being in touch with everyone else’s feelings. Also, Rob and Nicole speculate if Joe is the curly haired blonde guy that Hali wanted to align with, and Rob thinks he looks like Hayden in a wig. Even though Rob thinks he looks like a big strong guy, he notes that Garrett was a big strong guy and that didn’t work out too well for him. Rob thinks Joe will be ok to start but things will get to him, and Nicole asks if he will cry. Rob doesn’t think Joe will be the first boot because the first boot is usually someone who is not well liked by the tribe, but Nicole feels like he will be easily offended because he is so much in his own head. A fan’s question makes Rob think that Joe might make a fake idol like Bob Crowley, but doesn’t think that Joe has seen much survivor. Overall, Rob and Nicole don’t have high hopes for Joe.

Vince Sly, 32 – Santa Monica, California

Vince is a coconut vendor and also a life coach. Vince describes himself as magnetic, unconventional and intelligent. Also, he says that he is flirty and uses his sex appeal like Parvati, but has a bit of Coach and Fabio, too. His pet peeves are snoring, people that are lazy, passive, and entitled, and junk stuck in teeth, his hobbies are dancing, storytelling, and art of all kinds, and says that he is a complex, dynamic individual. Because of all of these pieces of information, Rob says Vince does not belong on Survivor: Worlds Apart, but on Utopia. In response to a fan question, Nicole says that Vince is different, not crazy in a Phillip Sheppard way or a Drew Christy way. Neither Rob nor Nicole think Vince will be a villain, as Rob thinks Vince will march to the beat of his own drummer and is not a mean person. Vince seems to be on everyone’s radar based on being mentioned in many people’s Gordon Holmes interviews.

Based on the cast picture of the No Collar tribe, Nicole predicts that Vince and Hali could be in a showmance, with Joe and Jenn working with them and Will and Nina as the outsiders on the tribe. Depending on Will’s performance in the challenges, Rob and Nicole predict that either Will or Nina will be the first one voted out from the No Collar tribe.

Blue Collar / Escameca

Lindsey Cascaddan, 24 – College Park, Florida

Described by Rob as “Hairdresser Lindsey Two”, Lindsey describes herself as flirty, energetic, and proud of herself in general, her hobbies are working out, drinking, and anything artistic, and her pet peeves are know-it-alls, people who talk too much, laziness, annoying accents, and people who push their beliefs on people. Her inclusion of a winky face after her pet peeves prompts Nicole to say that Lindsey seems passive-aggressive. Lindsey says that she is crazy in the best way, to which Rob suggests she might be crazy in the worst way. This prompts Nicole to say that Lindsey needs to take a chill pill, sit down, and keep quiet. Lindsey says nothing can break her, but that she needs her friends to carry food around in their cars because she gets hungry and cranky, which Nicole thinks is cray-cray. Lindsey says that she is like Ciera Eastin because she is a young mom and a hairstylist who made big moves when it mattered most, making Rob think Lindsey isn’t a fan of the show because she couldn’t think of another young mom that she might be more like, and he also thinks doesn’t think Lindsey’s swimsuit will hold up well over 39 days, but that is won’t matter she won’t make it that far. Both Rob and Nicole think that Lindsey should be on No Collar because of her general craziness, but Nicole says that Lindsey is a hairdresser so she has a job. Rob says that he will wear a bathing suit like Lindsey’s if Lindsey makes merge, which Nicole is excited about.

Kelly Remington, 44 – Grand Island, New York

Kelly’s bio is the shortest of this season’s castaways, which is what Nicole thinks her bio would look like because she would get bored and stop. Kelly used to be a bartender and likes her current job as a state trooper because she gets to use her handcuffs, nightstick, and pepper spray, sometimes before she walks out of house. Kelly likes watching football and playing racquetball, her pet peeve is commitment, and she doesn’t have an answer for which Survivor she is most like. Rob thinks she doesn’t seem to know much about Survivor, but on paper seems like a good player and Nicole thinks might have a good social game because she is down to earth, works hard, and is good at reading people. Rob feels good about Kelly in the early part of game, but thinks that in a fast paced, strategic season like this season is hyped up to be, she won’t do so well and that she will be in over her head later in the game because she will not pick the game up fast enough.

Sierra Dawn Thomas, 27 – Roy, Utah

The third of her name on Survivor, Sierra is a barrel-racing cowgirl and describes herself as a rodeo girl. She says that she can go days without food and is there to win. Her luxury items are a radio because music makes the soul happy, a notepad and pen because she likes to write down her thoughts and goals, and chocolate milk because she can literally drink a gallon in two days. She says that she is most like Parvati, who she describes as an extremely intelligent woman. Sierra says that she will do well because she is a 6’1” model who people underestimate but doesn’t mind getting dirty and doing a man’s job. She also says that it will be hard to remember that people will pretend to like her in game. Nicole thinks her make-up is too pretty for Survivor, and that Sierra may be high maintenance and in over her head. Rob thinks that she may be like Chelsea Meissner and that she could do well because she seems like a competitor and not a delicate flower but wonders how fast she will pick up the game. Rob also thinks that Sierra will make the merge and therefore will be dateable. Relatedly, a fan asks if Sierra will be Ian Terry’s QT3.14, to which Rob says she could be because she hates underachievers and, as Nicole pointed out, Ian shoots for the stars.

Mike Holloway, 38 – North Richland Hills, Texas

Rob and Nicole describe Mike as a blue collar man, a man’s man, and a man among men, but question their judgment upon mention of Mike’s favorite support as disc golf, which Rob has to explain to Nicole. Mike’s hobbies include disc golf, running, and picking up the ladies, to which Mike adds a “Haha!” at the end. Nicole says adding “haha”, “lol”, and “rotfl” to your own jokes is annoying. Mike’s luxury items include any ball so he can play games he makes up, toilet paper because it kind of stinks rubbing your bum with your hands (to which Rob says that may be the truest thing ever said in a bio), and a toothbrush because it’s refreshing not to have yuck mouth (to which Nicole says she loves Mike). Mike says he is most like Cochran because he knows the game and knows how to move pieces, Ozzy because he has the best posture of anyone and is a badass, and Rob because he takes over and gives 110 percent to everything, which Rob appreciates (Mike did not specify any single Rob). Mike says that he will never quit and will die before he quits, that he is confident in who he is, and that he will fake ‘til he makes it. Nicole likes Mike and Rob thinks there is a lot to like because he seems fun, like he knows the game, and is outdoorsy, but is concerned that when he gets to the merge he may be the first or second voted out because of his build. If the Blue Collar tribe dominates the pre-merge, Rob thinks Mike may be safe in the merge. He is an oil driller like Russell Hantz, and Rob thinks he could be a kinder, gentler, and not as evil version of Russell. Nicole thinks he is someone people will want to go to the bar with.

Rodney Lavoie Jr., 24 – Boston, Massachusetts

Rodney’s inspiration in life is Tom Brady because of his Super Bowl wins, his wife who is a 10, his love of his line of work, and because he gets Rodney fired up. Rob notes that he should not have put an apostrophe in “Pat’s”, as well as that one of Rodney’s pet peeves is guys who take kissy face selfies. His luxury items would be a cell phone (to which Nicole suggests is for taking kissy face selfies), his guys, and a group of girls, which Rob and Nicole thinks sounds like a party. Rob doesn’t understand the position Rodney is in for his profile picture, to which Nicole says Rodney is in the Jersey Shore crouch, the same position Eddie Fox was in for his picture. Rodney wants to buy his mother a “cah” if he wins (which sounds like a male body part to Nicole) and says the he will play like no else has played, to which Rob and Nicole say he claims because he’s never seen Survivor. Rodney says the he may go down as the best person of all time to play Survivor who is from Boston, which makes Rob suggest Rodney is more like the poor man’s version of Boston Rob 1.0. In response to a fan question, Nicole thinks Rodney is what we would get if Boston Rob and Drew Christy had a baby and Rob thinks Rodney is more like what we would get if Drew Christy had a baby in Boston.  Rob asks if Mike and Rodney will be bros or foes and if they will fight for leadership of the tribe and for Sierra, and Rob and Nicole decide that everyone will get along with Mike better and that Mike is more Sierra’s speed than Rodney is. Rob says Rodney’s best case scenario is turning out like a Matty Whitmore, but doesn’t think that scenario is likely.

Dan Foley, 47 – Gorham, Maine

Dan is a post office equipment technician and is from Maine like Bob Crowley and Julie Berry, who he shares a hometown with. Rob asks if Dan can be a triple threat like Julie Berry, to which Nicole says that Dan is her Julie Berry. Dan likes watching football and playing disc golf, so because he is on the same tribe as Mike, Rob and Nicole think they may form a disc golf alliance. He wants to bring a deck of cards, a picture of his family, and a disc golf disc for bonding with his tribe and for hunting. Dan says he has a great relationship with his wife, who puts up with his tomfoolery, which may include the 25,000 or so miles he has driven to Survivor auditions. Rob responds that he drives no miles every day and Nicole suggests that the right amount of driving is somewhere in the middle. Nicole thinks Dan will do well, but Rob questions if he will get medevaced pre-merge in a scenario similar to Mike Borassi, who was of a similar stature. Nicole thinks Dan will be besties with Mike and that they will have an alliance with Sierra with Kelly as their fourth. Rob and Nicole note that Mike is bear-hugging Sierra and Dan, who in turn has a hand on Kelly to include her, which leads them to believe that they will be an alliance with Lindsey and Rodney on the outside. Rob asks if Lindsey and Rodney will have a showmance, but Nicole doesn’t see it. A fan asks if Dan will gab his way into a no-vote final 3 like the Specialist, which upsets Rob and Nicole. Another fan suggests that Dan is a less savvy, less survivalist Rupert. Nicole thinks Dan may be the puzzle guy, which might help the Blue Collar tribe make a Tandang-like run along with their apparent physical strength.

Rob thinks the White Collar tribe appears to have the best individual players but asks if they will be able to work together. Conversely, he thinks the Blue Collar tribe seems to have the best team but will not have the best individual strategists. He also asks if the White Collar tribe learned from the mistakes of the Brains tribe and will be able to work together.

White Collar / Masaya

Carolyn Rivera, 52 – Tampa, Florida

Carolyn is Vice President of learning and development somewhere in Florida, but is from Queens. Because she wants to play like Sandra and Denise, Nicole likes her but is not a fan of her dropping that she is a New Yorker all the time. This prompts Rob to say that New York Survivors always want to keep it real and don’t like to be told what to do. He doesn’t think that there are many good New York Survivors, with Tom Westman as an exception, a list Nicole adds Rob to. As a tip to all Survivors, Rob suggests that they shouldn’t talk about how they keep it real. Nicole thinks Carolyn could go either way but also says Carolyn might talk crap and needs to keep her Queens attitude in check, as well as that she might be targeted early on because people don’t like confrontation. Rob thinks Carolyn might be set in her ways and not want to go with the flow, and he also suggests that she might be a Tri-State Muffin who might just show up in final 3 and yell at jury members. Nicole thinks Carolyn might try to keep her attitude in check but will ultimately become who she really is. Overall, Rob thinks Carolyn could be seen as a villain because it is hard to be an older woman and call the shots and be seen in positive light on Survivor, but Nicole thinks Carolyn will be seen as a villain because she “keeps it real”.

Shirin Oskooi, 31 – San Francisco, California

Shirin is a Yahoo! Executive who was in charge of Google Calendar and financially takes care of her mom. Her luxury items would be a goat or a muffin, whiskey, and Beyoncé, and she thinks that she is most like Sandra and the smart know-it-all Rob. Rob and Nicole agree that because Shirin knows who Rob is, she must be a fan. Both Rob and Nicole like Shirin because she name-dropped Rob, as well as because she was funny in the video, but think she seems more professional and not as fun in her photo. Shirin says she can’t go without sleep, which Rob thinks can go either way depending on if she can sleep well on the island. Rob worries if she is athletic enough to make it to the merge on a six person tribe where there is a premium on challenge strength and asks if she is talking about Missy when she refers to a muffin. Also, Rob thinks Shirin can go far if she can she get to the merge. In response to a fan question, Rob and Nicole say they think Shirin could potentially pair up with Carolyn.

So Kim, 31 – Long Beach, California

According to Rob, So is the San Juan Del Sur contestant whose sister did not get cleared by medical. She is a department store buyer, which Nicole says means So buys clothes stock for retail chains. So says that she is most like Ozzy because he is physically capable, agile, and a bit self-righteous, Parvati because she is a legendary female winner who made big moves, and Cochran. Rob and Nicole think she could do well and is in a similar position to Shirin, but don’t like that So says she wants to make big moves and that a lack of food could be hard for her. Also, Nicole thinks Rob’s analysis of Shirin’s potential to go far or go out before the merge makes sense but sounds silly. Back to So, Nicole says that she could go far and doesn’t have anything bad to say about her, except that she could be out first because she talks a lot. Rob says that you don’t want to talk too much in group of really smart people. Rob draws comparisons between So’s life situation prior to playing Survivor and Kim Spradlin’s.

Tyler Frederickson, 33 – Los Angeles, California

Nicole says Tyler is much douchier than he looks and is the only one to make glamour shot poses in his cast video. He is a former kicker for USC who claims to have won them the big game, then went out on his own and worked for CAA, and now is trying to get his own things off the ground, and he has hobbies such as doing what others won’t, travelling across country while dressed like a bearded hobo, and scaring children in Pasadena. He wants to bring cabernet because it’s a great sunset drink to share with a girl and thinks he is like Boston Rob because he’s a flirt with relentless passion to win and he will cut his tightest ally at last minute. Nicole thinks that Tyler may be talking about himself in his comments about working with the egos in Hollywood. Rob is concerned about Tyler’s upside and Nicole says they should vote him out now. A fan thinks Tyler is trying too hard to seem interesting but seems like a dud. Rob thinks the women on the White Collar tribe could get together and decide which guy they want as their fourth, then vote Tyler out and Nicole thinks they should do just that.

Joaquin Souberbielle, 27 – Valley Stream, New York

Joaquin is a marketing director who describes himself as an alpha male with the attention span of a goldfish. He admires Derek Jeter for his taste in women, something Nicole calls into question. Joaquin says that he is on Survivor to show off his athletic skills and his relentless will to win. Also, Joaquin thinks that he is not like any previous contestants, which is identical to Rodney’s answer.  Joaquin says in his casting video that he’s a Leo and the definition of a Leo, to which Rob responds no man should talk about astrology anymore. Rob thinks he could be like Garrett because his tribe will lose early and the women will suss out his attempt to take control, but Nicole thinks he could win if he doesn’t say stupid things. In response to a fan question, Rob thinks Joaquin is not playing a character, but Nicole says he is probably a character in real life. Also in response to a fan question, both Rob and Nicole say Rodney will be more fun to watch flame out than Joaquin will be. Rob and Nicole explore the possibility of a So-mance between So and Joaquin because she seems down to party and like she likes bad boys. When Rob asks if Joaquin will choose bros Max and Tyler before So, Nicole asks “What bros?” and Rob and Nicole decide that Joaquin will choose So before bros.

Max Dawson, 37 – Topanga, California

Max is a media consultant and former Survivor professor. He describes himself as outspoken, brilliant, and bearded, which is a description Nicole is not down with. He would bring a black cat, kale, and beard wax as his luxury items and relates himself to Jonathan Penner. Also, Max says that he will survive Survivor because of his laser-like focus, conviction, and level-headedness. Nicole met him at a finale and thinks he was really nice guy and quiet then, but she is getting a villain vibe now because of his beard, words, and stoic face. Rob says it seems like he’s going to tell people that he taught a college class on Survivor, and Nicole thinks he should know not to do that because in the post-Cochran world someone with knowledge of game is seen as a threat. Rob thinks it could go either way because if the women get together, Max is the fourth member of their alliance because Tyler and Joaquin are the West Coast and East Coast sides of the douche coin and Max could be the guy to get along best with the women. However, Rob says if Max does anything shady he has no margin for error and they will get rid of him. A fan asks if Max and Tyler will have an alliance and Rob asks if they will bring two women with them in this scenario, but Nicole sees Tyler and Joaquin as the more likely bro-pair in this tribe. A fan asks if Shirin and Max are threats to each other, which prompts Rob to say again that Shirin has both a better chance to go out first and a better chance to win than Max. Shirin, Caroline, and Max are proposed as an alliance by a fan, to which Rob responds that a Max, Shirin, and So alliance is more likely, but Nicole brings up the potential of the So-mance with Joaquin. Another fan says that Max, as someone who knows the game, is going to be voted out first because he has nowhere to hide in a six person tribe, to which Rob says he would do poorly on any other six person tribe where the other men were more likable than the guys on the White Collar tribe. Rob asks Nicole what alliance might vote Max out and then suggests that it would have to be Joaquin, So, and Carolyn, plus one more vote, and suggest this alliance is more likely if Max tries to take the idol clue.

At the end of the show, Nicole’s top two are Mike and Dan, to which Rob says Mike is the LJ of the season but Nicole says Mike is more fun and is her winner pick. Rob says Shirin is his winner pick because she name-dropped Rob and has a good video. Also, he says again that she has a Sandra upside because they won’t come after her if she makes the merge or else she will end up getting voted out before the merge.

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