First One Out: The Storm – A Survivor Preseason Podcast | Chapter 3: “Slamtown”

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First One Out: The Storm – A Survivor Preseason Podcast | Chapter 3: “Slamtown”

“First One Out,” the Survivor preseason podcast collaboration between The Hollywood Reporter and Rob Has a Podcast, returns for a third season.
John Hennigan might be the mayor, but everyone on the Goliath tribe owns oceanfront property in Slamtown, thanks to the one trait that bonds them all together: winning — at least, that’s what the Survivor Gods want you to believe.

This chapter covers all ten Goliath tribe members in first name alphabetical order. Time codes for each individual profile:

• Alec Merlino starts around 00:04:48
• Alison Raybould starts around 00:23:09
• Angelina Keeley starts around 00:39:00
• Dan Rengering starts around 00:53:20
• Jeremy Crawford starts around 01:13:48
• John Hennigan starts around 01:35:55
• Kara Kay starts around 01:57:55
• Mike White starts around 02:10:10
• Natalia Azoqa starts around 02:29:40
• Natalie Cole starts around 02:45:00

Find more of Josh Wigler’s Survivor coverage at, and look no further for the full release schedule of the third volume of First One Out:

Released – Chapter 1: An Introduction to David vs. Goliath
Released – Chapter 2: An Overview of the David Tribe
Released – Chapter 3: An Overview of the Goliath Tribe
9/27 – Chapter 4: An Interview with the First One Out

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