First One Out: The Storm – A Survivor Preseason Podcast | Chapter 2: “The Underdogs”

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First One Out: The Storm – A Survivor Preseason Podcast | Chapter 2: “The Underdogs”

“First One Out,” the Survivor preseason podcast collaboration between The Hollywood Reporter and Rob Has a Podcast, returns for a third season.
If “Survivor” is the story of the underdog versus the favorite, this latest chapter of “First One Out” is decidedly about the former category: the underdogs known as the David tribe, consisting of an MMA fighter, a robotics research scientist, a public defender, and more. Clocking in at more than three hours, the David chapter provides an extensive overview of the ten so-called “underdogs” vying for the million dollar prize, weathering each other and the elements on their quest for the Sole Survivor title.

The chapter covers all ten David tribe members in first name alphabetical order. Time codes for each individual profile:

• Bi Nguyen starts around 00:04:10

• Carl Boudreaux starts around 00:17:55
• Christian Hubicki starts around 00:31:21
• Davie Rickenbacker starts around 00:57:25
• Elizabeth Olson starts around 01:13:10
• Gabby Pascuzzi starts around 01:31:14
• Jessica Peet starts around 01:50:46
• Lyrsa Torres starts around 02:06:19
• Nick Wilson starts around 02:28:34
• Pat Cusack starts around 02:50:05

Find more of Josh Wigler’s Survivor coverage at, and look no further for the full release schedule of the third volume of First One Out:

Released – Chapter 1: An Introduction to David vs. Goliath
Released – Chapter 2: An Overview of the David Tribe
9/19 – Chapter 3: An Overview of the Goliath Tribe
9/27 – Chapter 4: An Interview with the First One Out

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