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LIVE after episode 4 of Survivor 33: Millennials vs Gen X , Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) recap the episode and answer your Survivor CBS questions LIVE! Join us after every episode of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X for our weekly recap on Survivor Know-It-Alls.

Did David Make the Right Move?

In this week’s episode of Know-It-Alls, Rob and Stephen start off discussing the eventful tribal council meeting. Rob states that this is the first effective idol play in the pre-merge since it was executed in Heroes vs. Villains (To be fair, Rob said it was during the Cirie vote but it was actually when Tyson got voted out). Although Rob and Stephen were in agreement that they believe that David Wright isn’t in immediate jeopardy, both of them didn’t like the move David played.

Stephen believes that David relinquished his power and control in the game and how he gave it up for little gain. David’s decision confused Rob, who wondered why David would play the idol to save Jessica Lewis, someone who went after him and Ken McNickle earlier.

However, both Stephen and Rob could see the good that did come for the play. Rob thought that the move would cause David to be worried about less now that he doesn’t have the idol. Stephen also saw potential good in the move, reasoning that Jessica could be loyal to David. Rob didn’t agree, warning that gratitude was never something to rely on and could ultimately become his undoing. Rob then elaborated that David might of made the right move for his alliance with Ken, Jessica and Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor. However, with Rob and Stephen anticipating a swap coming up, who knows if the move would be made in vain.

Tiger Mom Voted Out

Rob couldn’t understand the move Lucy “Tiger Mom” Huang tried to make, especially when Jessica seemed to be the main target. Stephen didn’t think it was a bad move from Lucy, believing that it was smart of her to try to take advantage Bret Labelle’s and Chris Hammons’ frustrations with Jessica. Stephen then elaborated that if Lucy’s plan had gone according to plan then there would’ve been a much more unified tribe. Rob and Stephen discussed how this seems to be the big move era of Survivor and noted how veterans of the game felt that these moves were too big, too soon. Unfortunately, this move ultimately led to Lucy being voted off from Survivor.

Ken’s Moves

Stephen believed that Ken was right to vote out Jessica from the tribe and Rob believed that Ken shouldn’t tell Jessica the plan. Now, Ken runs the risk of being viewed as untrustworthy because of how he spilled the beans. Stephen and Rob also discussed how much of this decision was influenced by strategy or psychology. Stephen believed it had more to do with psychology, noting how Ken doesn’t appreciate bossy people. Ultimately, both agreed that Ken misplayed this round and that it could cost him later on in Survivor.

Enjoyable Moments

Finally, Rob felt that it was a very touching moment for Adam Klein to be able to find the idol. Rob and Stephen believe that Adam has the winner’s story and believe that it is good for Adam’s fans. Both also noted how Michaela Bradshaw and Chris Hammons were great this episode. Stephen then elaborated how he’s a fan of Chris and even though Stephen doesn’t think he’ll win, he believes that Chris is playing the game in a great way.

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