Survivor 33 Exit Interview | Latest Players Voted Out – 12/08/16

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Each Thursday after Survivor, Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player who got voted off Survivor. Today Rob speaks with the latest player voted out of Season 33. Then Jordan Kalish returns to play another round of the “This Week in Survivor History “Quiz Show “.

Exit Interview with Sunday Burquest & Will Wahl, the Latest Players Who Got Voted Off Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X.

Tribal Council

In this week’s special double Exit Interview, Rob first spoke with Will Wahl about his thoughts going into this week’s tribal council. Will stated that he had a feeling in his gut that something was wrong. Most of the day, Will felt confident, however going into tribal council he suspected a blindside coming. Will continued his thoughts, saying that it finally hit him that he was playing Survivor after he got voted out. Will was ecstatic for his opportunity to live out his dream of being a part of Survivor.

Who’s To Blame

When asked who Will felt was the most responsible in voting him out, Will responded that he believed it was Adam Klein. Will also mentioned Hannah Shapiro playing a key role but overall felt that Adam initiated the move. However, Will didn’t have any ill feelings over Adam’s betrayal, commending him on the game he played.

Last Week’s Idol Play

When asked about the reaction of the idol play, Will explained that everyone thought that it was solely on Adam. Later on, others felt that Adam didn’t need to play the idol and that it was wasted. It ultimately came back to hurt Will when others blamed Will to flush the idol. Will felt that it put a target on his back, especially when it was revealed that Will flipped and wasted the idol.

Pendulum Strategy

In terms of what went wrong with Will’s pendulum strategy, Will believes two factors contributed to the failure, one of them being that he implemented the strategy too soon and the other was putting his trust in Hannah Shapiro and Adam. Will went on and say that he should’ve trusted Justin “Jay” Starrett more than he did. Will also believes if he waited another week or two, it would’ve been successful.

Will and Jay

Admitting that he should’ve put more faith in Jay, Rob asked if Will wishes he worked with Jay and kept Zeke Smith another week. Will admitted he wished he had, however he was fearful of not being able to make a big move with Jay. Will explained that whatever move he’d make, the credit would go to Jay instead of him. Will wanted to be taken seriously as a player instead of being pitied, which is what Will expected to happen if he teamed up with Jay.

Drawing Rocks

Will never thought that they would draw rocks when it came to his flip. Will suspected that either Adam or Jessica Lewis would flip. Further elaborating on his plan, Will said that if Jessica or Adam didn’t flip, then he wouldn’t have saved Zeke. While Will admits he was always open to flip his vote, he suspected that Jessica would’ve flipped.

Ken’s Test

Ken McNickle gave Will a test and Rob revealed to Will that he didn’t pass Ken’s test. Will elaborated that his whole relationship with Ken was a test and he was always testing Will to see if he’s a good player. In the end, just when Will believed to have passed Ken’s test, Will revealed that there was always another test for him to pass.

Michaela’s Departure

Rob asked if Will and Jay discussed whether or not it was too soon to eliminate Michaela Bradshaw. Will responded that for him, the crucial factor in voting out Michaela was the idol. When Michaela saw that Jay and Will had the idol, Will admitted to be terrified. Will speculated that Michaela would tell the others about their idol. Ultimately, it motivated Will to get Michaela out

High School and Survivor?

When preparing to play Survivor, Rob asked Will if high school is a good way to prepare for Survivor. Will said that it was great in terms of the social aspect of the game. However, Will stated that the physical and strategy aspects of the game are different. Will credited his knowledge of Survivor for his strategy but admitted that not a lot can prepare you for the physical aspect.

Will’s Resume

Will’s attempts to impress the jury was the main factor that influenced him to make big moves to have on his resume. Will felt that having a great resume would convince the jury to keep him in the game. When asked what advice Will can give to future players, Will advised to maintain a low profile and be aware of what’s going on. Will ended the interview with expressing how invaluable his experience was playing with Survivor.

Sunday’s Strategy

In the second interview, Rob spoke with Sunday Burquest and asked why did she vote for Justin “Jay” Starrett. Sunday claimed that she, Hannah Shapiro and Adam Klein had a plan to try and flush Jay’s idol. Sunday admitted that Jay and Bret were the two players in her alliance, even though she still wanted to flush Jay’s idol. Sunday explained that she was playing both sides, trying to get leverage on both sides.

Adam’s Betrayed

When asked who was the one Sunday felt the most betrayed by, Sunday responded that it was Adam Klein. Sunday expected that Hannah Shapiro would vote against her, but Sunday claimed Adam gave her his word he wouldn’t vote against her. At the end, Sunday’s trust in Adam fell through and led to her departure.

Sunday & Adam

Rob asked if Sunday believed Adam would save her if she revealed that she was a cancer survivor. Sunday revealed that she actually did tell Adam, however it didn’t make air. On one of the challenges, it was emotional for Sunday because her tribe won the challenge on the anniversary of her diagnosis. Further elaborating, Sunday didn’t want to have her experience overshadow Adam’s situation.

Hannah’s Scheme

When asked if Sunday was upset with hearing how Hannah talked about her, Sunday claimed it did bother her. However, Sunday knew that Hannah felt that way about her. In terms of strategy, Sunday disagrees with Hannah’s logic, believing there were other targets to go after.

Sunday’s Perspective on the Rock Draw

Sunday explained that her team did expect that there was going to be a rock draw. However, the confusion began when Sunday heard David Wright tell Adam to switch the vote to Sunday. Sunday was able to take advantage of the situation when she told Hannah to vote for Ken. When asked if she considered flipping her vote, Sunday stated she wasn’t due to the high risk involved in doing so.

Sunday-Jessica Rivalry

Rob believes that viewers didn’t get the full story of the Sunday and Jessica Lewis rivalry and wanted Sunday’s perspective on it. Sunday believed that the majority of their misunderstanding was a lack of communication. Sunday explained that things were not hashed out between Bret LaBelle, Jessica and Chris Hammons and it forced Sunday to pick a side. When Sunday had to vote, Sunday voted for Jessica solely because Sunday believed that Jessica was on her way out of the game. Sunday’s only regret was that she didn’t mend fences with Jessica in the game.

Jay & Will

On the vote when Michaela Bradshaw was voted out, did Jay & Will approach Sunday and Bret? Sunday confirmed they did and she believed that they were lying to them. Both had originally believed that they were going home. However, Bret did know beforehand of Will and Jay’s plan.

Sunday’s Story

Sunday ended her interview with the great advice of never giving up. Elaborating on her advice, she explained that only positive things can come from fighting and to always stay positive. Sunday also stated to greet each day as a new opportunity to be positive in life. Later on, Rob takes on Jordan Kalish’s “This Week in Survivor History Quiz Show,” and tries to preserve his winning streak

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