Survivor 33 Exit Interview | First Player Voted Out – 9/22/16

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Exit Interview with the First Player Voted out of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X, Rachel Ako

Each Thursday after Survivor, Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player voted out of the game.  Today Rob speaks with the first player voted out of Season 33 and the Gen X tribe, Rachel Ako.  Then Jordan Kalish returns to reveal a big new twist that has come to “This Week in Survivor History”.

In this interview Rachel discusses:

  • How did the decisions get made to use the pair of shortcuts and then rely on her and David to complete a 70 piece puzzle?
  • Why did Rachel ultimately take the fall because of the puzzle when David is more of the puzzle master
  • How much was the threat of David having an idol a reason that the tribe put the votes on Rachel?
  • At what point did Rachel realize that her and CeCe were on the outs?
  • What does Rachel think of the Gen X vs Millennial twist? Was it a big disadvantage for her to be in the “older tribe”

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