Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart Winner and Final 5 Exit Interviews

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Rob Cesternino talks to all five of the players from this week’s Survivor Worlds Apart finale in our big wrap-up exit interview.

Rob speaks with the winner of Survivor Worlds Apart, Mike Halloway and the rest of the Final 5 from Survivor 30 in our post Finale Exit Interview

Rob asks Mike the following questions:

  • Was this outcome ever in doubt for Mike?
  • Why was it so important to force a 2-2 tie between Carolyn and Rodney at the final 4?
  • If Rodney had not targeted Mike and forced his back against the wall from Final 9, does Mike feel like he would have won the game?
  • How big was it to get Joe out of the game?
  • Did Mike feel like the auction was going to be the end of his game after it happened?
  • Was there any point where Mike considered playing his hidden immunity idol on Shirin?
  • Why did Mike have Sierra get voted out at Final 5 instead of Carolyn?
  • Did Mike have the opportunity to take anybody on the family visit?

Exit Interview with Carolyn “Mama C” Rivera and Will Sims II (Starts at 19:00)

Rob asks the following questions and more:

  • What was it about Rodney that caused Carolyn to want to jump to his side after the merge?
  • How excruciating was the fire making challenge on Carolyn?
  • How many votes did Carolyn anticipate she was getting on the jury?
  • Was Jeff Probst going to allow Carolyn the chance to give her letter back at the auction?
  • In hindsight, was it a smart move to take out Tyler considering that he was one of the people that could have potentially beat Mike in one of the final immunity challenges
  • How much does Carolyn feel like she was hurt in the Second Chance vote by not being able to campaign like the other players?
  • How does Will think Shirin will do on Survivor Second Chance?
  • Was it strategy for Will to want to put the necklace around Mike’s neck?
  • Why was Will so quick to flip away to work with Rodney when he had been with the no-collar people for the whole game previously.

Exit Interview with Rodney Lavoie Jr and Sierra Dawn Thomas (Starts at 39:20)

Rob asks the following questions and more:

  • Why did Rodney vote for Will to win the game?
  • If Rodney’s plan to take out Mike would have worked, would he be the winner of Survivor Worlds Apart
  • When you were trying to make Mike seem like he was the villain, did you really believe that, or were you putting on a show for the others?
  • Who was Sierra aligned with closest in the game?
  • Was Dan depicted fairly on the show?
  • Did you believe that Mike was in danger at the time that he said Rodney was coming for him or did you feel like Mike had been overly paranoid?

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