Survivor 2015: Jim Rice Recaps Worlds Apart Episode 6

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Rob Cesternino recaps Episode 6 of Survivor Worlds Apart with Jim Rice from Survivor South Pacific.  Later in the show, Rob brings in Antonio Mazzaro to answer the RHAP Voicemails.

Rob talks with Jim Rice about Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 6

For the first time since appearing during Survivor Caramoan, Jim Rice returns to RHAP.  Jim starts off by talking about the decision made by Sierra on which side of the Escameca tribe to vote with.  Heading in to the merge, Rob and Jim think that things are likely going to shake out in to a battle between the blue collar people and the no collar people.

Jim tells Rob about the numerous survivor players that are getting on his nerves this season including (but not limited to) Shirin, Mike, Rodney and Dan.  Rob and Jim also talk about Jim’s feelings about the game of Survivor and how he still thinks about his experience all the time.  In addition, Jim reveals which players have a chance to walk away from this season as the winner.

Finally Jim answers a number of questions from the listeners including:

  • How did Sierra handle being the swing vote?
  • Is the marijuana business white collar, blue collar or no collar?
  • Did Cochran being a super-fan hurt his game?
  • Why didn’t Keith and Whitney do an exit interview with Rob?
  • Who from this season is playing a Jim Rice game?
  • Plus several more!

Antonio Mazzaro Answers the RHAP Voicemails

Rob is joined by Antonio Mazzaro (@ACMazzaro) from Post Show Recaps to answer your voicemails from this season.  Antonio starts off by discussing with Rob his thoughts an oddly placed confessional by Kelly after the immunity challenge and what it might mean.

Then Rob and Antonio answer a number of questions from the voicemail inbox including which Survivors have a chance to win, whether the idol at the blue collar camp will influence the merge tribe location, whether secret scenes mean anything and much more.

Listen to This Week’s Exit Interview:

Survivor 2015: Rob talks to the latest player voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart

Survivor 2015: Rob talks to the latest player voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart

Rob’s Exit Interview with Jouquin

Check out This Week’s Survivor Know-It-Alls:

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