Survivor 2015: Exit Interview with the Latest Player Voted Off Worlds Apart

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Rob Cesternino talks to the latest player to be voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart. Jenn Brown who was voted out of the Merica tribe on April 22, 2015 joins Rob for the latest exit interview.

Rob asks Jenn the following questions and more:

  • Did Jenn know she was going to be the one going home and did she know that Mike and Shirin were voting for her?
  • What exactly happened between Mike and the pair of Dan  and Sierra that caused him to be so far outs with his own alliance?  Why couldn’t Dan and Sierra vote with Mike, Jenn and Shirin?
  • What was camp life like following following the confrontation that Will had with Shirin?
  • Should Shirin have voted for Will to get his letter?
  • How surprised was Jenn that Will flipped so quickly on the No Collar tribe after the merge?
  • Would Carolyn have been able to sell her letter back to Jeff at the auction and was that the reason why Mike paid for his letter?
  • When Dan didn’t get an advantage in the immunity challenge did people get curious what his advantage was?
  • What was Jenn’s thought process about leaving the game by being voted out but not wanting to quit the game?
  • What was the drink that Jenn bought at the auction?
  • Jenn talked about being a life long Survivor fan but also not being a fan of playing strategically, what was it that appealed to her about the game of Survivor?
  • What is the dating status of Joe and Jenn?

Join us later today for our recap podcast with the original Survivor winner, Richard Hatch.  Be sure to get in your voicemail questions for the second part of the podcast with Colin Stone.

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