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Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap Episode 4 of Survivor Worlds Apart.

In a special 2-Hour episode, Lindsey Cascaddan and Max Dawson became the latest castaways to be voted off Survivor Worlds Apart on March 18, 2015

Coming to you live with their own photo finish, is Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach with their Survivor Know-it-alls for Survivor 30: Worlds Apart.

Fresh off their live show last week, the guys enjoyed the special double hour episode. The guys felt the episode was a fun time and could only imagine the craziness of having this double hour during live KIAs.
Rob will get separate exit interviews with Lindsay and Max, along with his double Wentworth recap podcast later in the week.

Rob felt Survivor Cagayan was very similar to how the swap played out this episode but no one in the show seemed to take note of that. Rob thought Max and Shirin’s pitch to Kelly was successful but it was thwarted by Carolyn. Carolyn’s distaste for both Shirin and Max were speculated to have come from nakedgate. Stephen compared Carolyn’s position to how Kass was in Cagayan, where alliance mates were not maintained strongly enough. Stephen felt incredulous at how Max and Shirin would talk to each other so much by themselves while the other 5 schemed. Rob was loving how the narrative for the voting changed in the middle of the third act of the second hour and it became more about who was more annoying.

Stephen had an interesting theory that the pairing of Shirin and Max as 2 super fans made them nerd out about the game more often hurt them in the game but perhaps not being the fatal factor in the game. Rob also talked about his point of view about how annoying he might have been, during his time on Survivor, talking about Survivor. The everlasting argument about casting superfans had another go at it and Rob felt it was better to angle yourself as being excited than being obsessed with the game.

The guys then debated whether or not Shirin should be targeted next if they got back to tribal council. They felt post swap alliances recently have a huge pull on controlling the game in a merge. They did think Max got screwed by the swap since the White Collar men would have likely voted Shirin off before him.

Stephen felt the tribe swap was very broken in being balanced while Rob felt the vote out of Lindsay made a very crazy circumstance considering the swap. Stephen didn’t like the alienation of Sierra for the vote and in the aftermath of the vote. The split vote in the Lindsay vote out was carried out correctly but it burned Sierra significant in the process. Rob was flabbergasted at how Mike said in confessionals how he can’t leave Sierra alone yet then does exactly that for no good reason.
Before getting to questions, Rob addressed Jenn finding an idol, Max’s stingray incident, and having fatal words right after an immunity challenge.

Rob and Stephen got to answer viewer questions which covered:

  • What sort of challenge can the Red tribe win?
  • Are random tribe swaps no longer working out?
  • How much confidence should players have in idol searching?
  • Whose mom is taking over this season?
  • What killed schoolyard picks in Survivor history?
  • Did Carolyn make a mistake in voting out Max?

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Special Thanks to Nick Fishman for tonight’s recap

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