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Rob Cesternino is joined by his wife, Nicole, to breakdown the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance cast, make their winner predictions, and answer your questions.

Abi-Maria Gomes – Rob says he has seen two different Abi-Marias, the Abi he knows in real life who is fun and entertaining and the Abi on television who made people lose their minds. He doesn’t want her to take a leader role and play a “big game”. She could be a challenge liability and needs her tribe to be up in the numbers. Nicole doesn’t think that will be a problem because the others will be able to carry her.

Jeff Varner – Jeff is set up well with pre-game alliances. Rob worries Jeff will over play in order to show the audience he can play well.

Kelley Wentworth – Rob sees Kelley as the biggest unknown/wildcard going into this season. She is eager and that could make her over play. The big question is whether the others will be concerned that they don’t know much about her or if they have bigger fish to fry.

Kelly Wiglesworth – Rob thinks Kelly doesn’t care about making good TV, but is playing for the money. Nicole thinks Kelly doesn’t care. She has no target on her back and can win immunity challenges.

Peih-Gee Law – Rob says she is set up well for the old school vs. new school battle. Nicole thinks she knows her place because she says she will have the strong guys carry her far into the game.

Shirin Oskooi – Rob thinks Shirin might find her Max in Spencer. He also thinks she might be annoying talking about past seasons, like Rob was in All-Stars.

Spencer Bledsoe – He has skills but is a huge target going into this season. He is very young compared to the rest of the cast. Rob and Nicole are very worried. Spencer and Woo might have a strained relationship.

Terry Deitz – Rob thinks Terry will still be a phenomenal athlete but not to the level he was in Panama. He is set up well to make the merge but might not be able play well post-merge. Nicole thinks there’s a small possibility that Terry could be like Colby in Heroes vs. Villains and be a ‘Superman in a Fat Suit’.

Vytas Baskauskas – Rob thinks he would be scared to play with Vytas but the other cast members don’t seem to be. Nicole thinks Vytas could be another over player.

Woo Hwang – Rob believes Woo has learned from making one of the biggest mistakes in Survivor history, while Nicole hasn’t. Nicole doesn’t think Woo will overcorrect because he won’t change his game at all. Nicole thinks Woo will stick with the old school players, and Rob agrees.

Andrew Savage – Savage wants to play the same sort of game he tried to play in Pearl Islands. He wants to link up with people who played honestly, but Rob says that could hurt him because people’s games can change. Rob disagrees with Andrew’s assessment that Stephen is a disloyal player.

Ciera Eastin – Rob was impressed with Ciera on his recent rewatch. Nicole thinks Ciera’s “big move” reputation precedes her, but Rob thinks she could make strong bonds.

Jeremy Collins – Jeremy could fall into the Savage alliance, but might not be able to work with Keith. Rob says if Jeremy could avoid getting frustrated easily, he could win the game.

Joe Anglim – Rob and Nicole are lukewarm on Joe. He already had a huge target on him during Worlds Apart and now, following Mike’s five Immunity wins, it will be even bigger.

Kass McQuillen – Nicole says there are two Kasses like there are two Abi-Marias. Kass is grating and came away from Cagayan with an unprecedented amount of enemies. Rob says a tribe might throw a challenge to get rid of Kass, but she could also stay as a non-entity.

Keith – Rob thinks Keith is burned by “stick to the plan” and could try to over correct even though his San Juan del Sur game was good for Keith.

Kimmi Kappenberg – Rob thinks Kimmi has the least experience on the cast. Nicole thinks she is overconfident. Nicole thinks she will be out early.

Monica Padilla – Rob thinks a positive will come out of Monica playing with Russell Hantz. She had a strong few days towards the end of her game and Rob is the least threatening player on the board. Rob thinks Monica & Stephen could form a counter alliance to Andrew Savage.

Stephen Fishbach – Rob isn’t optimistic about Stephen’s chances because most of the people he could align with are on Ta Keo. His best chance is that Kass is on his tribe.

Tasha Fox – Tasha is a fierce competitor but could be too focused on Kass. Nicole thinks there are a lot of people Tasha could get along with.

Special thanks to Kyle Faber for the episode recap

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