Survivor 2015: Know-It-Alls Recap the Season 30 Worlds Apart Premiere


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Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach come together from their Worlds Apart to bring you the first Survivor Know-It-Alls of Survivor 30.

So Kim is the first player who got voted out of the White Collar Tribe in the premiere of Season 30, Survivor Worlds Apart on February 25, 2015 on CBS

The guys are pumped to reunite and discuss a very fun premiere episode. Rob announced having an exit interview with So, a recap podcast with the newly crown Miss Survivor Natalie Anderson along with Josh Wigler doing the voicemails.
Rob began with discussing how he saw the White Collar tribe much like in the same light as the Brains tribe, likely being the first tribe to vote someone out. The guys discussed the 3 puzzles from the immunity challenge and how the descriptions might have been a bit misleading for the 50 piece puzzle.

They then jumped into Carolyn’s decision to not play her idol along with mess with words exchanged at the first Tribal Council. They found Tyler’s position in the game at that point to be a critical one and this was likely a decision he made knowing it would better himself in the game. It was a bit odd to Rob that the White Collars jumped straight to the thought to vote out a woman but Stephen thought the small tribes dynamic made it make sense. The guys did dive into whether the beans or the clue and how it played out for the 3 duos in the game. They felt So and Joaquin did the worst yet telling the truth for Dan and Michael didn’t work out too well either. They assessed the best way to both lie and tell the truth while not putting yourself in a bad spot.

They broke down the fallout of Mike and Dan’s actions throughout the episode, whether it was eating a scorpion, juggling, or barking orders during shelter construction. The quick love triangle between Vince, Jenn, and Joe also created some awkward situations and potential drama down the road.

Stephen was impressed a bit with Max’s showing this week and that while it wasn’t perfect, he was on the path to success. Max had a quick easy time getting to be in the right position and it set to be safe. Tyler was said to be tight lipped at tribal council but was able to establish his position in the game also. Rodney’s emotional story was deemed as genuine and with “shades of Vytas”. Rob was pleased to see how So + Joaquin pairing be correct and for his prediction of a Rodney + Lindsay couple.

  • Rob and Stephen started answering questions from the amazing RHAP fans, which included:
  • Does Rob see himself in any of the contestants this season?
  • What food item alludes Stephen’s mind?
  • Do the Know-it-alls like challenges with strategic decisions in the middle of them?
  • How does this premiere compare to the other top Survivor premieres?
  • What lessons can future players learn from So’s misfortune?
  • What is the deal with making sandwiches?

Rob described his great time at the official CBS Survivor Roundtable with many Survivor greats and Jeff Probst.. Things came to a conclusion with Stephen pick for the Fishy.

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