Survivor 2015: Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 13 of Worlds Apart


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Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach are back again to talk about Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 13 “Puppet Master.”

Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach discuss Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 13 “My Word is My Bond”.

Rob and Stephen start by talking about Survivor: Second Chances including the interviews Rob has done and the specifics of what happens during the finale.

Rob and Stephen talk about the credit deserved by different types of winning games, people who are always in control or people who win against the ropes. Stephen says that to an extent a win is a win, but Mike would be an interesting winner because he has played from many different positions this season.

Rob and Stephen talk about the results of the vote. Stephen thinks that Dan putting another vote on Carolyn was one of the biggest wastes of an advantage ever because it didn’t affect the results of the vote and spooked Carolyn into playing her idol. Stephen thinks Sierra staying with the men was a good move because she can win a jury vote against all of them.

Rob thinks Mike is a gifted player but needs to tone it down a bit.

Rob and Stephen don’t think there were any other targets to use the Extra Vote on. Stephen says this tribal council proves the Hidden Immunity Idol is stronger than the Extra Vote.

Both guys think Mike is in the best spot now because he is great in the challenges and could run the table. Rob says his biggest challenger right now is Carolyn.

Rob compares Mike to Tony because they play with a similar energy and take out big threats. Stephen says that while neither of them have been blindsided, Tony is better at reading people.

Stephen thinks Carolyn struggling to decide whether to give away her reward was a bad move. Rob calls it a half measure. Stephen also didn’t like Will declining the Final 3 deal, comparing it to Penner declining Final 4 in Survivor: Philippines.

Rob asks if Carolyn would be better sitting next to Tyler in the Final 3 over Mike. Stephen says Mike will beat anyone, but the guys come to the conclusion that if Tyler hadn’t been voted out last week Tyler would have been out tonight.

Rob and Stephen take questions from the RHAP audience. Could Dan have used the Double Vote to split the vote? Could the jury see Mike as a traitor? Are the mechanics of the Extra Vote flawed? What is the possibility of a Sierra win? Should Rodney have been voted out over Dan?

Special Thanks to Kyle Faber for the episode recap

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