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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) recap Episode 2 of Survivor: Cambodia, “Survivor MacGyver” live at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York City.

Josh says Shirin had some major faults tonight in her people management, not only losing Abi but taking the fault for the Peih-Gee vs. Abi fight. Terry was able to swoop in and comfort Abi, and that was a weak spot for Shirin.

Rob liked that Jeff brought up the similarities to Spencer and Shirin’s first seasons. Josh thinks it was a bit of convenient storytelling, but there was a definite connection between Shirin’s position in Worlds Apart to Abi’s position tonight. Rob saw a better connection between Spencer tonight to where he was on Day 12 of Cagayan, and his big shifts between highs and lows.

Rob moves onto the episode’s theme of gameplay vs. emotion. Kass was surprised it . Terry was able to connect with Abi on a personal level. Josh thinks this can be seen when people say they forgot how much Survivor sucks.

Rob was shocked that Peih-Gee avoided being the target of Abi. Josh commends her for going with the majority and being valuable to Varner.

Rob says that the emotional argument is more powerful than forming up for the numbers. Shirin and Spencer are numbers people, but Abi cared about the emotional aspect.

Rob thinks Varner is in a great spot after flipping back to the Shelter People. He moved from the bottom of the Beach People alliance to the top of the Shelter People. Rob thinks a lot of the people seemingly in the middle were willing to go with the majority to avoid being a target themselves.

Josh thinks it was a mistake for Shirin to target Varner because it set a pace that they were taking out big targets and the next logical step was Shirin and Spencer, and Shirin is seemingly worse in challenges.

Rob doesn’t understand why Savage sees Stephen as having low morals or dignity for saying Jeremy might be searching for the idol, but it is completely fine for Kimmi to do it. Rob and Josh don’t think Stephen has a way to get in with Savage. Josh thinks Stephen can be saved by the swap.

Rob and Josh are then joined by a rotating panel of former Survivor contestants featuring Max Dawson, Brice Johnston, Eliza Orlins, Dan Foley, Francesca Hogi, Michael Snow, and Andrea Boehlke.

Special Thanks to Kyle Faber for the episode recap

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