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Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) recap episode 1 “Second Chance”, the premiere episode of Survivor 31: Cambodia and answer your questions LIVE.

While the show built a dodo edit for Vytas, Josh thinks there was a definite grouping across the aisle by the “Beach People”, and they took out the biggest threat on the other side. Josh thinks Vytas is a good scrambler and the immediate tribal council hurt him. Rob thinks it’s a shame that Vytas got a dodo edit because people, including Shirin and Wentworth, were aiming for him pre-game because he could do some damage. Josh thinks Vytas was not served well by the immediate trip to tribal council because he has been shown as someone who could scramble, as seen by his time on new Galang.

Rob talks about the “New School” vs. “Old School” mentality. Jeff Varner, who was seemingly an “Old Schooler” or “Shelter Builder,” flipped on his pre-game alliance to avoid a tie. Josh, who saw the tribal council live, says Varner asked Peih-Gee and Wentworth if they were voting for who they said they agreed on.

Rob wonders if Vytas was the correct target because the Ta Keo tribe already seems weaker than Bayon. Josh thinks the entire group of four are strong presences, so Vytas was the correct target because he could do the most damage further down the line. Rob thinks Abi was creating the most discourse in the tribe, but Josh says the New School group really likes her, especially Shirin.

Rob thinks the bracelet scene was reminiscent of Pete framing R.C. for having the idol clue. Josh thinks it’s funny that Abi is immediately becoming the same person she was in Philippines. Rob was impressed with Abi because she seemed like she forced herself to not explode at Peih-Gee and avoided becoming the first boot.

Rob turns to the Bayon tribe and Stephen’s dodo edit. Rob is surprised he was looking for the idol on Day 1 because it doesn’t have a great track record in expense for making strong relationships. Rob and Josh think Stephen might be doing this because he already sees himself as the first casualty of his tribe, so he needs the safety. Rob thinks it’s also very easy to craft the Stephen is getting voted out because he sucks around camp narrative when in fact he’s being voted out because he is such a threat. Josh thinks the Vytas boot is a tone setter that the big players are free game to take out early. Rob thinks this is good for Stephen because he sees the people he could work with on the Ta Keo tribe in power.

Rob and Josh loved the Immunity Idol being hidden at the challenge and thought it made gripping television. Kelley did a lot of things right searching for her idol and is someone with a lot of rope because San Juan del Sur did not show a lot about her.

On Bayon, Josh liked Jeremy’s revision on his original plan surrounding himself with alphas instead of all the women. He thinks it’s shaky between Keith and Jeremy. Rob liked that Jeremy seemed to grab Keith because he gives easy tells. They also felt Joe had a great night all around.

Special Thanks to Kyle Faber for the episode recap

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