13 Survivor Statistical Questions with Poker Pro Jason Somerville

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Poker pro Jason Somerville (@JasonSomerville) joins Rob Cesternino to answer 13 Survivor questions with the help of statistical analysis.

13 Survivor Questions answered with Statistical Analysis from Jason Somerville:

Q1: Does the opening sequence spoil how well Survivor players do? – Asked by Claire Amiro

Q2: What careers have the highest probability of winning Survivor? – Asked by filmtvnerd

Q3: Does winning individual challenges increase your odds of being voted out at future Tribal Councils? – Asked by JacobSW

Q4: What is the optimal strategy regarding the Hidden Immunity Idol? Does showing it to somebody make you more or less likely to get voted out afterwards? – Asked by JacobSW

Q5: Is having the Idol even an advantage? Are people who have a Hidden Immunity Idol more or less likely to get voted out than people who don’t have one? – Asked by JacobSW

Q6: You’ve shown that being in the dominant tribe doesn’t seem to affect whether you win, but does it affect how long you stay in the game? Do players from the majority tribe last longer after the merge? – Asked by Jacob SW

Q7: Is there an optimal day to make an alliance? Do alliances made on a certain day last longer? – Asked by Jacob SW

Q8: How often has the eventual Sole Survivor voted for somebody other than the player who was voted out at the first Tribal Council after the merge? – Asked by Stephen

Q9: How often does a player featured in “previously on Survivor” end up being voted out in the same episode? – Asked by JasonGatorclaw

Q10: Does place of origin have any effect on how well players do in Survivor? – Asked by Craig Ngu

Q11: Which players are most likely to return in a future season of Survivor?

Q12: How much of an advantage have returning players had over new players?

Q13: Does the order of finish in the “Face Off” challenge indicate how well the remaining players will do in the game?

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