Survivor 2015: Exit Interview with the Latest Player Voted Off Worlds Apart – 4/16/15

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast:

Rob Cesternino talks to the latest player voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart in this week’s exit interview. Joe Anglim was voted out in Episode 9 of Survivor 30 and joins Rob to discuss his experience.

Rob asks Joe the following questions and more:

  • Was Joe upset that while Jenn offered to give the immunity necklace to Joe in order to be voted out she wouldn’t just fall on her sword so Joe could stay?
  • What does Joe wish he would have done differently heading in to the merge?
  • How did Mike pretending Joe found the idol affect Joe’s game?
  • Was there any conversation with Joe and Mike about working together after the merge since Joe would be a good way to keep Mike safe?
  • Would Joe have played the immunity challenges any differently?
  • Did Joe feel like Mike’s offer was a disingenuous one to save him if he handed over the idol?
  • What was Joe’s relationship like with Tyler and how come we never saw Tyler and Joe become better allies after the shared immunity idol clue?
  • What was Joes’s relationship like with Will after the merge.  Did Joe suspect that Will had already defected after 2 votes?

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