Survivor 2015: Exit Interview with the Latest 2 Players Voted out – 11/30/15

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Rob Cesternino talks with the latest players to be eliminated from Survivor: Cambodia in our weekly exit interview podcast.  Then, Rob welcomes back Jordan Kalish (@JordanKalish) to talk about what went down on this week in Survivor History

Survivor Cambodia Exit Interview with Ciera Eastin

Rob asks the following questions of Ciera and more:

  • Why did Ciera push so hard to get out Andrew Savage in the vote before the merge when her and Kass were also original Bayon members?
  • How much was Ciera’s game compromised after the merge because of her relationship with Kass?
  • How was Ciera able to work effectively with Abi-Maria while others weren’t able to?
  • When Ciera was accusing players of not making big moves, which players was she specifically talking about?
  • Was Ciera aware of the nickname of “The Witches” while she was on the island and did she mind it?
  • Had Jeremy not played the idol on Stephen, what would Ciera’s next move have been?


Survivor Cambodia Exit Interview with Stephen Fishbach 

Rob asks the following questions of Stephen and more:

  • Why did Stephen trust Spencer with the plan to split the votes on the Joe blindside after Spencer voted for Stephen at the previous tribal council?
  • Did Stephen know who turned on him when he got voted out?
  • How does Stephen feel about Spencer after being blindsided by the young lad?
  • Why was Stephen so convinced that Joe had the idol?
  • Overall, why was Stephen so concerned about Joe?  Did the other players share his concern?
  • What was the importance of the Kelly Wiglesworth vote and does Stephen feel like it ended up hurting his position?
  • If Stephen could do it over again, would he have gotten the advantage again?
  • Did Stephen regret the choices he picked to come with him at the reward challenge after seeing Spencer’s reaction?
  • Was Stephen headed to the finals with Jeremy and would that have ended up being the exact scenario Stephen did not want to replicate from Tocantins?
  • Would Spencer have been in Stephen’s final 3?
  • How is Stephen feeling physically after the hard conditions of this season?
  • Would Stephen consider playing again?

Episode Recap with Tyson Apostol:

Survivor 2015: Tyson Apostol Recaps Episodes 10 & 11 of Survivor: Cambodia

Survivor 2015: Tyson Apostol Recaps Episodes 10 & 11 of Survivor: Cambodia

Listen to our Episode Recap with Tyson Apostol

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