Survivor 2015: Exit Interview with the 2 Latest Players Voted Out – 3/19/15

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Rob Cesternino hosts a double Survivor Exit Interview with the latest two contestants who were voted off of Survivor Worlds Apart.  First Rob speaks to Lindsey Cascaddan and then to the Survivor professor, Max Dawson.  Finally, Rob will review the week in Survivor history with our own Survivor researcher, Jordan Kalish.

Rob’s Exit Interview with Survivor Worlds Apart’s fourth player voted out, Lindsey Cascaddan

Rob asks Lindsey the following questions and more:

  • How surprised was Lindsey to see the votes come up as a 2-2-2 tie instead of a vote of 5-1 against Rodney?
  • When did the dynamics of the blue collar tribe shift from Mike and Dan being on the outs to Lindsey and Sierra being against Rodney?
  • Why did Lindsey engage with Rodney about the sexist comments instead of just working to vote him off?
  • Just how much of the work in the camp was done by Mike?
  • Was Lindsey hurt by Rodney’s comments about her tattoo calling her Mike Tyson?
  • Why were Lindsey and Sierra so suspicious of Mike and Dan after they came back with the bigger bag of beans?
  • Mike’s vote of Lindsee-ya
  • What did Lindsey think about Dans listening skills?
  • What really happened to Dan’s manties?
  • How scary was it when Kelly got hit on the head during the challenge?

Rob’s Exit Interview with the Survivor Professor, Max Dawson (Starts at 20:05)

Rob asks Max the following questions and more:

  • Was the vote a true blindside for Max?
  • Did Max feel betrayed by Carolyn’s defection after the tribe swap?
  • How surprised was Max to hear how Jenn and the other no-collar tribe members call him annoying on the show?
  • Does Max feel like he and Shirin were depicted accurately in how they were too focused on each other and not on the other tribe members?
  • Does Max feel like it was a detriment to have a fellow superfan like Shirin on his tribe?
  • Does Max feel like the decision to go naked was one that pushed people like Carolyn further away?
  • Did Max have any idea that Carolyn had the idol?
  • Did So sew seeds of doubt about Max within the tribe during the first tribal council?
  • What was Max’s relationship like with Tyler?
  • What’s the biggest thing that Max Dawson learned about playing Survivor that all of his years of research could not have prepared him for?

Stay tuned for our next episode where Rob speaks with Survivor San Juan Del Sur’s Dale and Kelley Wentworth.

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