Survivor 2015: AJ Mass on the 13 Survivor Worlds Apart Archetypes

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Rob talks to ESPN’s A.J. Mass, author of the books How Fantasy Sports Explains the World: What Pujols and Peyton Can Teach Us About Wookiees and Wall Street and the latest release Yes, It’s Hot in Here: Adventures in the Weird, Woolly World of Sports Mascots, about the Survivor San Juan Del Sur archetypes and they do their Survivor Fantasy Draft of the final 13 players.


The 13 Worlds Apart Archetypes (Ranked in order of the Archetype making Final Tribal) According to AJ Mass

1. Diplomat – Carolyn
2. Marriage #1 – Jenn
3. Mad Scientist – Tyler
4. X Factor – Will
5. Captain Loophole – Shirin
6. Idiot Savant – Dan
7. Marriage #2 – Hali
8. Old Reliable – Mike
9. Narcissist – Joaquin
10. Loose Cannon – Rodney
12. Cheerleader – Joe
12. Ninja – Kelly
13. Fresh Meat – Sierra

Rob and AJ’s Survivor Woulds Apart Fantasy Draft

After winning last season’s Survivor Fantasy Draft, Rob gave the first pick in the draft to AJ in the snake draft.  The scoring system awards

1 point – making it through tribal council without getting voted out
2 points – winning immunity
2 points – playing the hidden immunity idol
3 points – making final tribal council
3 points – each vote received at final tribal council

Pick 1) AJ – Carolyn
Pick 2) Rob – Tyler
Pick 3) Rob – Joe
Pick 4) AJ – Jenn
Pick 5) AJ – Joaquin
Pick 6) Rob – Mike
Pick 7) Rob – Hali
Pick 8) AJ – Dan
Pick 9) AJ – Rodney
Pick 10) Rob – Shirin
Pick 11) Rob – Sierra
Pick 12) AJ – Kelly

Undrafted: Will Sims II

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