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Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach are back again to talk about Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 10 “Bring the Popcorn”.

Rob starts by congratulating Stephen on becoming the knowingest Know-It-All despite Will still being in the game.

Rob and Stephen both say there’s a lot to talk about. Stephen says while a lot happened, the end result of Jenn being voted out was pretty predictable. Stephen sad to see Jenn go because she was a frontrunner at the start but wound up dying out towards the end.

The Know-It-Alls dive into the episode by talking about Mike’s fall from his power position to being in the minority alliance. Stephen says this was caused by taking out the biggest threat, Joe, in the last episode. Rodney capitalized on this and went for Mike before Mike could get him. Rob says that right now it is anyone’s game to win.

Rob asks if Rodney is a Tony-like character where he is all over the place but actually doing things right. Stephen feels they have the same physicality and energy but their games are different.

Rob and Stephen like how the auction went. Rob didn’t like Shirin meta-gaming the letters at first, but enjoys how it turned out. Rob loved the move by Mike to not spend money on the letters to get the advantage, but agreed with Stephen that it was a horrible move socially. Rob feels buying the letter after already showing his cards hurt him without gaining any benefit, while Stephen feels it lessened the negative impact.

Moving onto how the votes fell, Rob feels that voting out Jenn was like a punt so a call could be made later on. Rob thinks that the Mike and Dan relationship isn’t broken yet, and Stephen feels Sierra could come back to Mike too.

Rob asks Stephen if he liked the approach of calling out Rodney. Stephen feels it couldn’t win him anything. Rob says that group conversations never work out on Survivor.

Moving onto the rations, Rob doesn’t think Will could pass off the supply and needed to show it to the others, but it was inevitable it would backfire. Where he went wrong was when he went off on Shirin. Stephen feels what Will said to Shirin was deplorable.

Going into Will’s deal for the letters, Rob didn’t like that the deal was allowed because Will didn’t have a chance to win anyway. Rob thought Shirin not letting Will get his letters was hilarious, but thinks it might help Will’s claims that Shirin is a bad person and could sour her to a jury.

Rob talks about Dan’s position as a swing vote. Stephen feels Dan and Sierra were against Mike because he was shown to be paranoid, and they don’t see Rodney’s group as a tight four.

Rob and Stephen both like the twist. Rob thinks this could make the votes even numbers to be as likely to be big swings like odd numbers.

Rob closes the show by taking questions from the Rob Has a Podcast community. Was the note in the auction fair? Was calling out the alliance a good move? Is the vote advantage better than an idol? How big of a threat is Rodney? If everyone has an awful social game, is it moot? And of course, who gets the Fishy?

Special Thanks to Kyle Faber for tonight’s episode recap

Recorded LIVE Wednesday, April 15th @ 9:15pm ET / 6:15pm PT!

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