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LIVE after Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 7, Guest host Josh Wigler joins Stephen Fishbach to answer your questions LIVE about episode 9, “Livin’ on the Edge.”

Recorded LIVE Wednesday, April 15th @ 9:15pm ET / 6:15pm PT

Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) is joined by guest host Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) to talk about Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 9 “Livin’ on the Edge”.

Josh and Stephen start by congratulating Rob for his wins at the 10th Annual Podcast Awards.

Stephen says he wishes he could talk to Rob because Joe’s boot moves him further to becoming the Knowingest Know-It-All.

They then move on to talk about Jenn.  Josh and Stephen feel that what Jenn is doing is quitting the game.  Stephen brings up the Chet Principle, saying that if Chet Welch from Survivor: Micronesia is a quitter, than what Jenn attempted to do tonight is also a quit.

Josh and Stephen then move on to talk about the benefits of voting out Joe over Jenn.  With Joe, there is a bigger target than her in the game and she likely isn’t the next one booted from the game.  However, if Shirin intends to work with Mike moving forward then she needs to do what he says.  Mike has been shown to be a man of faith and this was a proof of trust that Mike needed to see, like when Mike asked Will to vote for Hali during the merge episode.

Josh then flips the conversation around to Mike’s work in roping Shirin in.  Stephen says that this is a great move for Mike and that having the outsiders come along with him is a great strategy, comparing it to Rob’s game in Survivor: The Amazon.

Tying into the Evolution of Strategy, Stephen asks Josh if there are any occurrences of someone overcoming dire straits that Shirin is in now.  Josh points to Chris Daugherty from Survivor: Vanuatu, who was down six to three after the merge episode.  Chris eventually was the last man standing outside of the women’s Yasur Alliance, but was able to use the cracks in the alliance to make it to Final Tribal Council and win the game.

Josh and Stephen say that Shirin needs to make herself seem useful to the people in power, and she should swing around in between the factions inside the larger alliance.

Josh and Stephen then move on to discuss Jeff Probst’s way of handling Jenn wanting to quit.  Stephen feels he Jeff restrained himself from bullying Jenn into quitting unlike Janu Tornell, who some say Jeff was too hard into getting Janu to quit in order to save fan favorite Stephenie during Survivor: Palau. Stephen also says it needed to be brought up because Jeff is the voice of the audience.  Josh points out that if Jeff really wanted to keep Joe in the game, he probably could have.

Josh thinks there is an argument to be made for Mike to keep Joe, but it would probably be too risky.  He compares it to Tony keeping Spencer in the game longer to be a focal point for his alliance, but says it’s too early to think like that.  Stephen says that Joe is the type of threat that you need to take out when you have the option to do so.  Leaving Joe in the game opens the opportunity for him to go another immunity challenge, especially once you need to take out other people that can win immunities like Tyler or Carolyn.

Stephen then focuses on Joe’s fake Hidden Immunity Idol.  Josh says that he’s glad that Joe’s career as a Jewelry Designer came into play.  They point out that it didn’t really help because if Joe actually had an idol he would just play it.  Josh says that it was a good move for Mike to get the fake idol out of Joe’s hands.  Stephen also likes Mike’s move to play the idol on Will to keep him close.

As for Mike’s move of showing the idol, Josh thinks that Mike tried to get a reaction out of Jeff or Joe in order to get more information in case he was still not sure how he was going to vote.  Stephen says that it couldn’t hurt to show the idol in order possibly stop any votes coming your way that you don’t know about.  Josh points out that Tyler and Rodney not knowing what’s going on could hurt Mike in the long run.  Stephen says that it could be too much of a flourish when the vote is already being split and a lot could go wrong.  Josh points out that this could scare the people in the middle away from Mike and get them to go with Rodney.  Stephen says that fear could be a benefit because you don’t want to go against the people in power, comparing Mike’s move to Tony and his bag of tricks.

Stephen goes into his love of the game Mike is playing.  He says that while Mike isn’t playing on the level of a Tony Vlachos or a Kim Spradlin, he has put himself into a great position where almost everyone feels they are with him.

Moving onto Rodney’s chances, Josh and Stephen begin by talking about how great Rodney’s impressions are.  They commend Rodney for his work in raising morale around camp and becoming a man of the people.  They point out that Tony was also portrayed as an over the top personality.  The consensus is Rodney is still in the running to win this season.

Josh and Stephen then go on to talking about Tyler and Carolyn’s chances.  The guys feel they are in a good spot but their edit is lacking.

Overall the feeling is something has got to shift soon since every person is in the alliance besides Jenn who has pretty much quit.  Stephen feels Rodney is the next roadblock in the way toward the win.

Stephen and Josh wind down the show by taking questions from the Rob Has a Podcast community.  Should Mike have played the idol on Joe?  Who is the biggest target?  Who is Mike’s planned Final Four?  How did Jenn fall so far, so fast?  Will Carolyn’s idol come into play?  Just how bad is Survivor pizza?  And of course, who wins the Fishy?

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