Survivor 2014: A Sitdown with Spencer to Recap All of Cagayan

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Spencer Bledsoe, the 4th place finisher of “Survivor: Cagayan,” is in studio with Rob to accept his trophy for RHAP Fan Favorite Player of the Season. Spencer is excited to not only have his own podcast bell atop the trophy, but to get the leftover prize package from Hayden’s win last season. Spencer says he’s just gone through the craziest 48 hours of his life, but coming on Rob Has a Podcast was at the top of his priority list and winning the POTS award made up for losing the game.

Spencer Bledsoe’s Post-Finale Interview to Recap His Fourth Place finish in Survivor Cagayan and Fan Favorite Victory

Rob asks Spencer if his speech to the jury is what sealed the deal for Tony’s win. Spencer says that during a commercial break in the finale, Tyler Perry told him that he indeed did change the jury’s mind. However, Spencer doesn’t think he changed things to flip the vote– maybe only one or two people, such as Jefra and Sarah, were on the fence. He says he could have actually lost Tony a vote because Kass told him she almost flipped her vote to Woo after his speech.

Spencer says he felt genuinely bad for Woo at his game decision but he wanted a good story and the best player to win. Spencer talks about what a great character Tony was, and Rob and Spencer agree that he represents a different type of winner and it was compelling to follow him all season. Spencer says that while Tony had an impulsive nature, people underestimate how calculated he was. He showed that big moves can lead to winning, something Jeff Probst is sure to love. Rob and Spencer talk about what would have happened with a Woo vs Kass vote, and remark how Cochran really predicted a likely scenario but couldn’t foresee that Woo wouldn’t take Kass to the end. Spencer points out the irony that by winning that immunity, Woo lost himself the game. Kass was a second or less away from winning, and if she had won the necklace she would’ve taken Woo and he would have won the game.

Spencer explains why he disagrees with Rob that Kass played a better game than Woo. He thinks Kass played an actively bad game, and he saw that throughout the season since he was playing with her from Day 1. Rob wants Spencer to break down what went so wrong with the Brains tribe and why the guys couldn’t work together. Spencer points out some of his flaws as a player early in the game and wishes he had done something to prevent Garrett’s decision to talk about the vote in front of the entire tribe.

Rob thought Woo’s move was the worst move of all time and convinces Spencer, who initially suggests Colby’s decision to take Tina or Erik giving up immunity. Spencer also talks about what it was like to be on the bottom when there were 4 people left on Luzon, the amazing luck of his tribe swap, and the decision to target Alexis after the swap. Spencer also shares regrets about burning a bridge with Kass after her flip and calls Trish the most underrated player of the season. Trish put out Tony’s fires, had an awesome social game, and was able to convince Kass to flip and Jefra not to flip.

Spencer also breaks down the mad treasure hunt where Woo stole his idol clue and gives Kass credit for knowing he had the idol. He also gives Tony credit for doing a great job of keeping people with him, even when he kept them in the dark. Spencer thinks he should have tried to blow things up more around camp and also discusses his regret about not leveraging the idol with Jefra to get her to flip to his side. Rob and Spencer then talk about other strategies he could have tried with the idol during the “Jeremy” vote out. They also talk about the pattern of the votes being a blindside followed by a predictable vote, Spencer putting poison in Tony’s ear about a women’s alliance, and Spencer’s relationship with Tasha during the game. Spencer goes into his strategy talk with Woo and Kass, but at the time they didn’t know about Tony’s special idol. Rob brings up the importance of having the believable fake story, since Woo was so obvious when talking with Tony.

Spencer reveals that for the Trish vote, Tony actually suggested it and had Woo make a fake final 3 deal with Spencer and Kass. He thinks it came down to Tony thinking Trish was too likeable, and he was also thinking about Kass beating Spencer in a puzzle, which panned out for him. Spencer shares details about production’s love-hate relationship with Tony. Some things viewers didn’t get to see include Tony doing a rain dance and having conversations with his idol in the middle of the night.

Spencer still hasn’t read his letter from Jeff Probst, but Rob shares some of the #spencersletter predictions from Twitter. Then they RHAP up with some listener questions, covering topics including:

  • What is Spencer’s history of listening to RHAP?
  • How many times did he try out for “Survivor”?
  • Is Tony the Russell that doesn’t suck?
  • How did Spencer drop those references in his bio like “tighty whities” and “build a shelter out of rocks” ?
  • Why didn’t he align with more women?
  • Why did Tasha vote for Woo?
  • Which chess pieces are the Cagayan cast members?
  • Why does Spencer have so many unread text messages when he shares “Tony’s Fireside Chats”?
  • When did his friendship with Tony develop?
  • How much of a bump did Spencer’s Twitter (@SpencerBGM) get after the finale?
  • What is Spencer’s dating status?
  • What will Spencer’s role be on the sitcom “The Vlachos”?
  • Why did Spencer give his David Murphy/Eric Cardona speech to the jury?
  • Who would have voted for Kass at the end?

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