Survivor 2014: Know-It-Alls Recap San Juan Del Sur Episode 9


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Recapping Survivor San Juan Del Sur Episode 9 “Gettin’ To Crunch Time” on November 19, 2014 in which Jeremy Collins is voted out of the tribe by a vote of 5-3-2

It’s another shocker for the Survivor Know It Alls as Reed Kelly defies the odds and survives the second post-merge vote of the season, with Jeremy Collins being blindsided along with most of the viewing audience. Fishy Fishy is thrilled for a number of reasons, chiefly that his fellow Wine and Cheese ally Reed stays alive, as do Stephen’s hopes for this Survivor season showing promise.

Rob and Stephen are in immediate disagreement as Rob feels getting rid of Jeremy was not at all Jon’s best move, especially making such a bold move in a point in the game where there are an even number of players. Stephen feels, however, that taking control of the game by voting out a strong player is how you get to the end and provides you with a case in front of the jury. Rob counters by revisiting Brad Culpepper’s math lessons from the original Blood vs. Water – four in nine is out, leading Rob to believe that Jon trying to jump to a higher position in an alliance than staying in a low one will prove irrelevant in the weeks to come. Stephen notes that last season Tony Vlachos made it through the game by making several bold moves and knowing he needed to get rid of his enemies before they had a chance to strike at him.

From there, the Know It Alls get into Natalie and Jeremy’s decision to give up their reward to Jon and Jaclyn, which ultimately got Jeremy sent to Exile Island. Rob is very confused by the move, believing that favors and good deeds on Survivor have a very short shelf life, seemingly confirmed tonight as Jon led the charge to get rid of Jeremy. Stephen agrees, feeling that if Natalie giving up immunity seemed like a gesture, Jeremy following suit definitely seemed like a game move that was unable to actually save his game tonight.

To #RHAP up the show as always, Stephen and Rob answer your questions live: with power players being eliminated every week, who has moved to the top of the power rankings? Is the increasingly invisible Alec putting himself in a position to be a great jury goat? Should Muffin have taken this opportunity to blindside Jon, knowing Keith had the immunity idol? And what is Stephen’s reaction to finding out Brian Corridan will not let him get past the final 5 on the forthcoming “Survivor: Wine vs Cheese”? These answers and more ONLY on Survivor Know It Alls!

Special thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s podcast recap!

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