Survivor 2014: Know-It-Alls Lecture the San Juan Del Sur Players After Episode 4


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Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap episode 4 of Survivor San Juan Del Sur. Join us LIVE to ask you questions on the show.

Drew Christy throws the Challenge, rallies to get Kelley voted out before he becomes the one to get voted out in Episode 4 of Survivor San Juan Del Sur on October 15, 2014

The smartest guys around are here to talk about the dumbest guys around! Stephen and Rob agree that without a doubt, this might just be the worst group of Survivor players ever, and Stephen feeling that this is the worst strategy he’s seen since the days of Borneo when strategy hadn’t even been invented yet. Stephen can’t think of the last time that four different people had votes cast against them, and is utterly baffled by the fact that Jon, maybe one of the more intelligent people on the Hunahpu tribe, openly said at tribal council that he had no idea how he was supposed to vote tonight.

Rob thought Jon should have been able to figure out that Drew was probably not in good favor with his tribemates. He finds himself bumpuzzled to even know where the roots of the problems lie on either tribe, and what exactly made Drew think Kelly was the mastermind on Coyopa. Stephen thinks it must have been because she had seen every episode of the show before, which probably equates to ESP in Drew’s mind.

While Rob and Stephen acknowledge Drew’s terrible gameplay and delusions of grandeur, Rob knows there will be much to talk about on this subject in the next 24 hours (like on tomorrow’s interview podcast with Eliza Orlins, who will surely have lots to say on the subject of throwing a challenge). Instead, Rob wants to turn attention towards bad gameplay from Jeremy, who outed himself at tribal council as being part of the minority alliance with Keith. Stephen thinks that there’s a merit to being forthright at tribal council, and could strengthen the alliance between Jeremy and Keith, but understands Rob’s concerns. Stephen also notes that Jeremy voted with the majority so could still be considered “in”.

Stephen also brings up a critical error made by the men of the Hunahpu tribe, believing that the craziest part of tonight’s awful gameplay was that they didn’t seem to believe the women were capable of coming together and forming a voting block to take out one of the guys. Though Stephen protests on the grounds of players like Carolina Eastwood or Dan Lembo, Rob feels that Drew Christy absolutely belongs in the all-time bottom 10 list of Survivor players, calling his gameplay in this episode astoundingly bad. Rob recalls what Aras told him just last week about how listening is such a critical part of being successful on Survivor, noting that Drew refused to listen to Jon’s reasoning for wanting to vote out Jeremy, nor would he consider Reed or Jeremy’s ideas either.

To #RHAP up the show, Stephen and Rob take your questions live: do the Know-It-Alls agree with Jon’s strategy on why getting rid of players without a loved one is a good idea? Is there anyone, anyone at all, who can be pointed to as a strategic threat on Hunahpu? Has production gotten lazy when it comes to hiding immunity idols? And does Drew make a worse fourth boot than J’Tia from Cagayan? The answer to these questions and more on Survivor Know It Alls?

Special Thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s Episode Recap

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