Survivor 2014: Richard Hatch Recaps San Juan Del Sur Episode 10

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Rob Cesternino talks to the original winner of Survivor in the first part of our recap of Episode 10 of Survivor San Juan Del Sur.  In part 2, Rob will answer the voicemails from the RHAP community.

Rob talks to Survivor: Borneo winner Richard Hatch about the current Blood Vs. Water season while he is on his way traveling to Nova Scotia with his husband and dog. Hatch opens the podcast by voicing his relief over the fact that they have reached the merge and how difficult he finds it to become invested in players in the “pre-jury” stage. Rob and he discuss the merge and how it’s unfolding so far.

Rob asks Rich his opinion on the varying strategies people have had going into the merge; they also discuss Reed’s position in the game and how solid (or not) his moves have been. They also talk about whether Reed was about to handle Keith during the tribal council and what it meant to the overall course of the game.

Rich and Rob get into how to handle Jeff at tribal council- the lying, the way Jeff attempts to probe at you and how it can mess up your game if you’re not prepared for it. This moves into a discussion about morality in the game and if it should be left at home or not.

They also discuss the position of different players in the game and whether their game play is working for them or not. Did Jon and Jaclyn make the right move in voting out Jeremy at the final nine, or was it too early? Was Jon’s reaction to Reed’s attempt to vote him out appropriate?

Rob and Rich delve into Natalie’s strategy, her alliance with Jeremy, her “relationship” with Baylor and how her tendency to always have a de facto Twinnie is working out for her. Also covered is Natalie’s recruitment of Baylor to help her look for the idol. They share their opinions on whether Missy or Baylor have a chance of winning the game at this point and if Reed is a dead man walking or not.

Editing is briefly explored as Rob asks Rich if there is such a thing as a “winner’s edit” and if he thinks anyone is getting it at this point.

Rob asks Rich questions from the RHAP community such as:

  • Is such a thing as a “winner’s edit” and is anyone getting one at this point?
  • How does Hatch feel about the recent “bargaining” the players have been doing with Jeff? Is it a smart idea?
  • Should you be able to give away your rewards and does doing so make people want to vote you out?
  • Could Rich beat Wes at a chicken nugget eating contest?
  • Would Survivor be the same if Kelly had won Borneo instead of Rich?
  • If he ever played BvW, who would Rich play with?

They also touch on the Amazing Race, Celebrity Big Brother UK and the Celebrity Apprentice, ending with a(n unpaid) glowing product endorsement from Richard Hatch.

Special Thanks to Alisha MacElwee for this week’s episode recap

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