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Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino host the Survivor San Juan Del Sur preview show which premieres on CBS on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014.

Its that time of the year again. Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino are back to break down the new cast of Survivor 29. Rob and the first lady of podcasting will share their thoughts and predictions in The Offica RHAPl Survivor San Juan Del Sur Preview Show. Plus we also see the return of Nicole’s martini.

Before getting into the new contestants Rob and Nicole express their opinions on the new twists. Nicole is not that excited about exile island however Rob is happy that redemption island has not returned.

The player by player breakdown for Survivor San Juan Del Sur:

Dale & Kelley

Nicole is not confident about either of them and Rob feels like they are a bit bland. Rob feels that he didn’t get a good read on either of them, he feels like that Dale being the “old guy” will hurt him. However Rob feels like Kelley is smart and has a better shot at the game. Some positives about this pairing is that Dale seems to be a reality tv fan and Kelley is quiet observant. Nicole and Rob are both in agreement that Kelley will go further than Dale.

Drew & Alec

Nicole feels like these guys are surfer dudes who are just there to have a good time. Rob thinks that it would benefit Alec for Drew to be voted out early to shrink his target come merge. Nicole describes them as the male “Twinies” and she prefers Alec to Drew as he is the underdog. Rob thinks that Drew will make it further however Nicole thinks Alec will.

Val & Jeremy

Both Nicole and Rob like them a lot. They like how Jeremy seems to know a lot about Survivor. Robs feels like Jeremy’s strategy of taking John Rocker to the end might not work out for him. Nicole and Rob think Val will go further than Sarah from last season. Rob speculates that Val might be targeted because Jeremy might beat her in the Exile Island duels but Nicole points out that Val is no slouch in challenges. Rob and Nicole both feel that Val make it further than Jeremy in the game.

John & Julie

Rob questions the casting of John Rocker. Nicole claims that the reason for John breaking Jeff Probst’s rule of no tweeting during the season is because he doesn’t do well. Rob is not sure John will be voted out first due to his challenge prowess. Rob feels like julie will be could at the game, he think she is intelligent which he did not expect. However he doesn’t know if she can overcome the stigma of being John’s partner. Nicole and Rob feel like Julie will make it further than John however they don’t think she can win.

Josh & Reed

It’s annoys Rob and Nicole that Josh said he was not like anyone who came before him in his bio. Rob prefers Reed to Josh as he gets a Frankie Grande vibe from Josh. They feel that Josh and Reed will have no trouble in the challenges. Rob and Nicole both think Reed will make it further(However Nicole claims Robs guess doesn’t count).

Jaclyn & Jon

Due to Jaclyn’s answer to the Survivor contestant she is most like, Rob and Nicole feel like she is not a fan of Survivor. Nicole and Rob both think that Jon will make it further than Jaclyn in the game.

Wes & Keith

Rob thinks that these are the second coming of Big Tom and Bucky Boe. Nicole thinks that Wes will be distracted by the other women on the island. Rob is not that confident about Wes and Keith. Nicole feels that Keith will make it further but Rob thinks Wes will make it further.

Baylor & Missy

Rob gets a Tammy Taylor and Julie Taylor from this pair. Rob thinks that Baylor be targeted for her age but Rob gets a good vibe from her and thinks she is intelligent. Nicole thinks that we could see a repeat of the last season of Blood vs Water by Baylor voting out her mom. Rob thinks Missy will make it further while Nicole think Baylor will make it further.

Nadiya & Natalie

Rob cannot tell anything different about them, he feels like they are interchangeable. They assume that Nadiya and Natalie have only seen the last season of Survivor based on their bios. Rob feels like they are strong and competitive and feels like they will do better apart. Rob thinks one of them will be out early and one will last for a while but he could not tell you which one. Nicole and Rob both think that Natalie will make it further than Nadiya in the game.


First Out: Nicole predicts that Reed will be voted off first while Rob thinks that Jaclyn will be voted out first.

Winner: Nicole’s winner pick is Val and Rob’s winner pick is Reed

Special Thanks to Shane Gallagher for today’s episode recap

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