Brian Corridan Shatters the Survivor Guatamala Barrier on RHAP

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Rob crosses another item off of the bucket list as he talks to Brian Corridan of Survivor Guatemala for the first time. Brian and Rob talk about Brian’s job tutoring students for SATs, traveling about New York, and Twitter etiquette.

Brian and Rob discuss Josh and Reed and inductions to the Wine and Cheese alliance. They talk about how rough the seasons have been as of late and compare them to the past seasons. Guatemala is agreed upon as a tough season due to the weather, prolific bugs and the crocodiles in the water.

Other topics include:

  • Should Jon and Jaclyn have gone with the Reed/Josh or the Jeremy/Natalie alliance?
  • Brian tells his side of how he “baited Blake” during Guatemala by ensuring his tribe would be annoyed enough to vote off Blake (and in effect, buying himself three days).
  • Given Alec and Wes’ frat boys antics, could Jeremy have pulled a “bait Blake” on the group in order to cast attention away from him?
  • Could this tact have helped him after the swap?
  • Brian and Rob talk about Guatemala, covering things such as Jeff Probst’s negative reaction to Guatemala as a season and potential similarities between San Juan del Sur and Guatemala looking forward in terms of popularity (or lack thereof). They acknowledge the fact that both seasons came on the heels of very dynamic casts.
  • Rob wonders why Brian got voted off vs. Amy and also asks him why he and Rafe didn’t work together; Brian speaks of the lack of trust Rafe had for him.
  • Rob wonders if there is any hope for Reed; Brian says no and is dead set on Jeremy as the winner. They discuss whether Jeremy is a “palatable” win.
  • Were Spencer from Cagayan and Brian cast to represent the same archetype in their seasons?

Questions from the RHAP community are addressed, including:

  • Why hasn’t anyone from Guatemala come back?
  • Would Rafe have won over Danni if he’d gotten to the end?
  • Jeff Probst and Brian’s conflict and how it started during casting
  • Wine & Cheese alliance power rankings
  • Who does Brian still speak to from his season?
  • What was Danni’s edit like and how close were, she and Rafe versus what was shown on the season?
  • What is Brian’s take on Judd?
  • How does Brian feel about the new surge of superfans, being one himself?
  • Rob closes by asking Brian what is the one thing he is looking forward to on San Juan del Sur as well as his opinion on the Twinnies.

Special thanks to Alisha MacElwee for this episode recap

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