Survivor 2014: Know-It-Alls Recap San Juan Del Sur Episode #3


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Rob Cesternino is back in California but he and Stephen Fishbach are firing up the ever-spotty Google Hangout to talk about a huge #Blindside live on Survivor Know It Alls!

John Rocker is voted out of the tribe with a hidden immunity idol after Josh flips to save Baylor in Survivor San Juan Del Sur Episode 3 on October 8, 2014

It’s only episode 3 and John Rocker has been voted out of Survivor San Juan Del Sur – with a hidden immunity idol he chose not to use. While New York is not exactly mourning his loss tonight, nor are Rob and Stephen that sad to see John Rocker the person go home, the Know It Alls acknowledge that John being voted out is a huge blow to the entertainment value of the season. Stephen starts by acknowledging the move from Josh’s point-of-view: eliminating Rocker means that a player who is isn’t really necessary to Josh’s game is gone, as is a hidden immunity idol that could always throw a wrench in someone’s game. Rob agrees that the move makes sense for Josh, and at first didn’t really understand why the Coyopa tribe did exactly what the other tribe wanted them to. He then remembered that this season being Blood vs. Water, it was more that the other tribe were telling their loved ones what to do, even if that meant voting out a potential physical asset.

Rob and Stephen are less sure what the pros of the move are for Wes and Alec, who now find themselves odd men out on the tribe. Rob draws parallels between tonight’s elimination of John Rocker with that of Brad Culpepper from the first Blood vs. Water season: both former professional athletes were lightning rods in the game, drawing criticism from other players, and realized too late that trying to beast mode their way through the game wasn’t going to be an automatically successful strategy.

John’s girlfriend Julie was also a major character tonight. Through tonight’s episode, Julie has disappointed Rob on the show – he originally liked her because he felt she wouldn’t be attached to John’s hip, but her breakdown tonight after the immunity challenge seemed to indicate that was not as much the case as Rob had thought. Stephen also discusses the somewhat confusing relationship between Josh and Baylor, in that Josh has unwavering trust in Baylor and will do anything to protect her, while Baylor is constantly unsure as to whether she can trust Josh.

While some of the dynamics on Hunahpu remain unclear because they haven’t been to tribal council yet, Stephen and Rob discuss tonight’s cold open (as well as the preview for next week) that indicated Drew Christy is not really held in high regard by his tribemates. Stephen points to Jeremy as someone who seems to have a good handle on the inner workings of his tribe, in good standing with the others and less of a threat now that his loved one is out of the game.

To #RHAP up the show, the Know It Alls take your questions: who did John Rocker think was going home tonight? What will Rocker’s elimination mean for the rest of the season? Just how easily swayed is Wes when it comes to his vote? And which Survivor castaway does Stephen think is called “Muffin”? The answer to these questions and more on Survivor Know It Alls!

Special Thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s episode recap

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