Survivor 2014: Exit Interview with the Latest Player Voted off San Juan Del Sur – 10/02/14

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Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player voted off of Survivor San Juan Del Sur in the second exit interview of Survivor 29.

Val Collins explains why she told John Rocker she had two hidden immunity idols before she got voted out on Survivor San Juan Del Sur

Rob asks Val about her time on Survivor 2014 including the following questions:

  • Had Val not told the lie about the two immunity idols would she have been voted out?
  • Was it too ambitious to say she had two immunity idols instead of just one?
  • Why not confess to John Rocker that she didn’t have any immunity idols?  Would it have changed anything?
  • Why did the tribe want to put the votes on Baylor instead of Jaclyn when Baylor voted against Nadiya and Jaclyn didn’t?
  • How much did going to exile island in the first 3 days hurt Val in the game?
  • After seeing the episode last night, does Val like her plan would have worked had John Rocker not disobeyed Josh’s instructions to not tell Val about the 3 votes?
  • What are Val’s feelings about Baylor after getting in to a heated exchange at tribal council?
  • From pre-game it was clear that Jeremy knew who John Rocker was, what was it like for Val to play the game with him?
  • Did Val tell people that she was a police officer?  Did she consider not telling because of watching Tony’s game in Survivor Cagayan?

Join us later in the day when Rob talks with Jonathan Penner about episode 2 of Survivor San Juan Del Sur, plus we’ll take your voicemail questions with Nicole Cesternino.

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Survivor 2014: Rob and Stephen LIVE at the Gotham Comedy Club to recap San Juan Del Sur Episode 2

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