Survivor 2014: Know-It-Alls Recap Cagayan Episode 9 ‘Sitting in My Spy Shack’


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LIVE at 9:15 pm ET / 6:15 pm PT Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap episode 4 of Survivor Cagayan. Join us LIVE to ask you questions on the show following the latest Survivor 2014, “Sitting in My Spy Shack” on CBS.

Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach are back to break down all of tonight’s action – and they’re going until one of them falls out of tonight’s Survivor Know It Alls!

Neither Rob nor Stephen would have predicted Jeremiah being voted out tonight, and were surprised that the alliance of five that fractured with the LJ vote came back together. Rob asks Stephen if Spencer made the right decision with his hidden immunity idol, and if Tony had any effect on how Spencer decided to use it. Stephen doesn’t think it had much effect – he feels open mockery or laughing from the other alliance would have probably swayed him away from making a wrong decision, but feels there was a strong likelihood Spencer would have played it on himself anyway. Rob is looking forward to asking Spencer about this, feeling that Tony would deserve a lot of credit for pulling out his idol if that did end up swaying Spencer’s decision, but Stephen remains skeptical it had much influence.

Stephen also notes that Spencer’s move was probably the correct one as being in the minority alliance can be beneficial – being a solitary player, or part of a smaller alliance, means you can be pulled over rather than need to pull someone over as part of a power group. Rob agrees with this, recalling that when Malcolm and the amigos played their idols in Survivor Caramoan, they didn’t actually change the game because they went right back to being in the minority. Rob feels Malcolm should have been trying to be the last amigo standing to be picked up by a sub-alliance, as could potentially happen to Spencer or Tasha. Rob also points out that the worst-case scenario for Spencer would be giving the idol to Jeremiah and being voted out, which he absolutely would have regretted more than what transpired tonight, so at least this guaranteed Spencer 3 more days in the game.

After weeks of teasing, Tony finally found the dreaded “Tyler Perry idol” tonight. Rob and Stephen are both disappointed with this development, believing the show will now be less interesting with Tony having so much power. Stephen notes that part of the entertainment of Survivor Cagayan has been Tony’s paranoia and constant game shifting moves, and now he has security that will prevent this entertainment, hurting the narrative and the show as a whole. Rob agrees, feeling that it’s been so fun to watch Tony and the game is now less fun now that he’s basically guaranteed a spot in the final four. Stephen also dislikes that most people don’t know what the super idol’s rules are – people can have hidden clues that other people don’t know about, but at least everyone knows how the regular idols work and can try to plan for them being used.

From there, the Know It Alls move into a portion of the show known as “Rob and Stephen’s #TrishLovefest,” where they praise strategic moves made by Trish in tonight’s episode. Both give her credit for moving on from Tony and Woo flipping and not freaking out about it, where past evidence might suggest she could have lost her cool. They also both liked Trish calling out Tony and thus giving him an opportunity to mend their alliance, convincing Jefra to stay with them. Considering no one knew that Jefra had been planning to defect, Rob and Stephen credit Trish with avoid a possible deadlock and keeping their alliance in a position of power. Neither is very confident Trish has a chance to win, but appreciate that she’s making decisions with her head rather than her heart.

To RHAP up the show as always, Rob and Stephen answer your questions: will Tony’s super idol actually help someone else’s game more than his own? What inspired Jeremiah, Spencer, and Tasha to change their votes to Woo? Does Kass have any plans to escape the bottom of her alliance? And what ironic “#ChaosKass”-esque nicknames should be given to Rob and Stephen? The answers to these questions and more on Survivor Know It Alls!

Special thanks to Brendan Noel for the recap of Tonights Show

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