Survivor 2014: Predicting Who Will Win Survivor Based on Casting Type with Angie Caunce

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Rob Cesternino hosts an off-season Survivor discussion with Angie Caunce (@AngieCaunce), who has researched all of the different Survivor casting types. Going back to the first season, Angie has established the following 26 characters that casting will put on  Survivor. The 26 Survivor Casting Types:

  • Good Ol’ Boy (can be really old or really young). Young guys are usually really good looking and very dumb.
  • Know-It-All (Young – chess, law student, consultant, super-fan 18-25, often very funny)/Old (50+ highly intelligent)
  • Seduce and Destroy – Frank T.J. Mackey – young professional with accolades (25-35 working professional, sales, consultant, egotistical, often thinks he’s way smarter than he is)
  • Perez Hilton. Gay guy (usually young), very social and likeable.
  • Alpha Male Control Freak (CEO/lawyer/doctor) often already rich. “I make million dollar decisions every day or people die.”
  • The Specialist – older eccentric guy (40-65, grating, very often a narcissist, control freak, likes to nickname himself and thinks he’s running the game)
  • True Grit – Soldier/retired professional athlete/cop/fireman (35+)
  • John McClane – average Joe (25-35, bartender, construction, actor, cop, fireman, often super-buff, often super-intense)
  • Surfer Dude – (20-25) easy-going, can be New Age-y, often ridiculously athletic, former or current pro athlete, sports coach, can be very likeable, funny, not a control freak, low to medium intelligence
  • Mr. Miyagi – sage, mature man (self-made 35-50: writer, chef, usually kind and not in your face)
  • Heisenberg – intense, middle-aged professional (35-50), often a business owner, chaos-worshiper, can be the bitter old man – always talking about how stupid everyone else is, often very paranoid about people plotting against him, super-high energy, can’t sit still.
  • Ponyboy – The Outsiders (weird, rock ‘n roll, bizarre job like tattoo artist, usually very nice and easy-going, sometimes unstable, sometimes very Christian, not game smart at all)
  • Tough Old Broad (40+ thin, in shape, always wiry, always tough, can be very astute but is also prone to emotional outbursts)
  • Mommy Dearest (not athletic but strong, can be very biting, intelligent and social), usually soft and squishy.
  • Oh No You Didn’t! Annoyingly loud, bossy girl-has big opinions and makes enemies easily (often black, from an urban neighbourhood), is hostile to those not in her alliance, explosive and emotional.
  • Siren (conniving flirty girl, usually works in sales 25-30 , medium to high intelligence), very social and charming, often a Southern Belle
  • Little Red Riding Hood (sack of hammers, gorgeous, dumb, follower type, student or in sales, or pageant girl 18-25)
  • I Can See Your Periscope – No bullshit middle-aged lawyer/cop/firewoman/teacher (40-55)- can be very perceptive but also bossy
  • Secretly Smart Bikini Babe (20-25) – tough, sometimes in something like pre-law, sometimes just a good head on her shoulders, the sweetheart that viewers fall in love with
  • Meredith Grey – Young professional (cop/lawyer/teacher/doctor, 25-35) – is this the female version of the know-it-all? They don’t know how to lay low.
  • Erin Brockovich – Level-headed, reasonably attractive girl (30-45 regular job, medium to high intelligence, sometimes ridiculously pretty and social)
  • G.I. Jane – Super-tough girl (challenge beast, edgy, athletic, can be a pro-athlete, wrestler, farmer’s daughter or hairdresser)
  • Lady Gaga – Outside of mainstream – flaky New Age girl or tattoos and piercings, low game intelligence.
  • Chelsea Handler (25-35 hates everyone , not always super-pretty, medium to high intelligence, sometimes biting and very funny)
  • Culturally Awkward Girl – usually Asian, sometimes really country type, very different from everyone else, but not annoying
  • Crazy Cat Lady – often tough but unstable, low game intelligence, puts people on edge. Everybody finds them crazy and irritating.

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