Survivor 2014: Cagayan Final Four Exit Interviews with Tony, Woo, Kass and Spencer

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On the morning after the Survivor Cagayan finale, Rob Cesternino talks about the season with the final four players.  Rob hosts his final exit interviews of the season with the winner of Survivor Cagayan, Tony Vlachos, followed by Yung “Woo” Hwang, Kass McQuillen and finally, Spencer Bledsoe.

Exit Interview with the Winner of Survivor Cagayan, Tony Vlachos:

After such an exciting season, Rob has the opportunity to speak with the man at the center of all the drama, Tony Vlachos.  In this interview, Rob talks to Tony about the following topics:

  • How much did Tony suspect that he could get Woo to stick with him at Final 3 and did that play a part in not voting to force a tie with Spencer?
  • How close was Tony to thinking about voting with Spencer?
  • At what point did Tony think that he had sold Woo on getting rid of Kass?
  • If Tony had won the final immunity, who would he have taken to Final 2?
  • In hindsight, was it still the right move to vote against Trish at Final 5? Wouldn’t it have been safer to go to the Final 3 with Trish and Woo?
  • What was the point in the game when Tony felt the most nervous?
  • Did the Tyler Perry idol change the way Tony was playing the game at all?
  • What did Tony think his best move in the game was?
  • Was Tony surprised that Sarah was so upset with him about his reaction to her comments about her accusing him of breaking his oath?
  • What did it mean for Tony to have “the young lad” Spencer defend him at the Final Tribal Council?
  • How much Survivor had Tony seen before going on the show this season?
  • Tony has won the game and had a lot of medical complications from Survivor after the show… is he itching to go back?
  • How Big was this win? Did Tony need it?

Interview with the Survivor Cagayan Runner-up, Yung Woo Hwang:

After a night in which Woo made one of the most questionable decisions in Survivor history, Rob talks to Woo about his game and asks the following questions:

  • How hard has it been for Woo to have everybody say that he should have taken Kass to the end?
  • Why did Woo, who had been so loyal to Tony throughout the game veer away from him toward the end of the game?
  • At Final Tribal Council, did Woo feel like things were going well for him?
  • Did Woo end up getting engaged to his girlfriend, Christina Hamilton?
  • Was Woo’s stealing of Spencer’s immunity idol clue a violation of the 5 Laws of Tae Kwon Do?
  • Why did Tasha give Woo her vote in the Final Tribal Council?

Interview with the Survivor Cagayan Third Place Finisher, “Chaos” Kass McQuillen:

Rob talks with Kass about her wild season and asks the following questions:

  • How shocked was Kass to see Woo’s vote to take her out in the game?
  • Was Kass playing to win the season the entire time or did she reach a point where she was playing to be the best person for everybody else to bring to the finals?
  • What does Kass mean when she talks about arguing to the women that she was playing the game like a man?
  • Did Woo lose Kass’ vote with his answer at Final Tribal Council?
  • When Tony came to Kass at Final 5 saying that he wanted to be in the Final 3 with her, why go to Woo and break that confidence?
  • Trish seemed to have no love lost for Kass. How did this relationship go so sour?
  • At Final 6, Kass flirted with the idea of voting with Woo, Spencer and Tasha against Tony to flush an immunity idol. Why did Kass end up not doing that move?
  • Kass made her big move to swap at Final 11. Does she feel like her placement in the Top 3 has proven that was the correct move to make?
  • How much did seeing her husband help her in the Final 4 immunity challenge?

Interview with the Winner of The RHAP Survivor Cagayan Fan Favorite Player of the Season, Spencer Bledsoe:

Lastly, Rob talks to Spencer about his game this season and asks him about the following topics:

  • Did having the family visit at Final 4 mess with Spencer’s momentum in the game?
  • Why did Spencer have so much trouble with this puzzle?
  • Did Spencer really plan to follow through on his offer that he was going to tell the jury not to vote for him?
  • Did Spencer actually feel like it would have been a good move for Tony to vote with him at the Final 4?
  • At what point did Spencer start to suspect that it would be a Final 2?
  • Can Spencer divulge any of the details of the letter from Jeff Probst?
  • What does Spencer specifically wish he would’ve done differently with Jefra at Final 8?
  • When Tony opened up his bag of tricks when Jeremiah got voted out, did that cause Spencer to change what he was doing?
  • How much did Spencer have to change up the game he was planning to play after having such a disastrous start?

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