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Survivor: The Strong Take From The Weak

Questions are incredibly important in Survivor. If you ask the right questions, often times you’ll get the answers you need. If you’re a player who is always answering questions or simply making statements unprovoked, you’re not learning as much as those doing the inquiring.

On the topic of questions, I want to bring attention to a Survivor event happening a week from now. Jeff Probst will be doing an AMA on Reddit. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything and topics will most likely include his book “Stranded,” film-making and of course, Survivor. It will be from 3PM – 5PM ET on Monday, May 19th. On that day, you can go here to submit a question.

A few questions off the top of my head:

  • Over or under on you hosting and executive producing Survivor 40?
  • What are the chances Survivor will do a celebrity season?
  • Will Survivor ever have a live feed like Big Brother? If not live, what about uncut or more episodes?
  • What are some new player and returning player themes that are on the table for the near future?
  • Will the grand prize always be $1,000,000 or would it be higher for say, an All-Winners season?
  • Do some players have a 0% chance of winning before the game begins? (Kidding! Well, not really.)
  • At Tribal Council, why do you read non-fatal votes after you show the contestants and fatal votes before you show the contestants? (This one is for Michel Trudeau!)
  • Is there a way to sum up Survivor other than Outwit, Outplay, Outlast?

Actually, I’ll answer the last question: The strong take from the weak, but the smart take from the strong. [Pete Carril]

Time for “10 sentences or less” WITH finisher predictions, plus a venture into the incredibly rare, serious side. Let’s go!

6. Tasha @missfoxytasha (2. last week – down 4 spots)

Tasha3 When a Queen loses her jewels…[/caption]

At the start of the episode I shot my parents a text and asked them who they were rooting for. Guess who they BOTH said? Tasha! Okay, don’t act like you accomplished something. We’re in her section after all. You were the only person in the world rooting against her. I wasn’t rooting AGAINST her. I just wasn’t rooting FOR her. Bullsh*t. Fine, I was rooting against her.

I hate to pat myself on the back— Yeah okay— but did I not say, to warrant the peanut gallery’s “Tasha is a great social player” sentiment she would need to push the heat on someone else if she didn’t win Immunity? You’re dumb. The peanut gallery refers to people being critical, not complimentary. Look who’s being critical now. I’m telling you the correct definition, genius!

Honestly, did Tasha do much socially or strategically? Who knows. We’re shown a heavily edited version of what happens out there. What? You could answer that way for everything! Well, she was forced into the underdog position from Day 1, so it’s not fair. Oh God, this discussion isn’t happening.

Here’s what I’m wondering going forward: If YOU were the person who decided on returning players, would you bring back J’Tia OR Tasha? Why can’t we have two black women returnees on the same season? For starters, they’re originally from the same season. You mean like Kat and Monica from One World who were also on Blood vs Water? Oh come on, they’re two totally different people! And J’Tia and Tasha are the same person? Crap.

5. Spencer @SpencerBGM (5. last week – same)


Outcount, Outmemorize, Outrun

I’ve predicted LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra and now Tasha to finish in second place and they’ve all been voted out the following episode. Whoop-de-doo. I was leaning towards putting Spencer in the two spot to push my luck, but I believe Spencer goes home so why bother playing cute.

I bet he wins the Immunity Challenge. Speaking of winning the Immunity Challenge…

Don’t you think it was a little odd the Immunity Challenge featured counting and memorization skills? I mean, Spencer is a grandmaster piano chess champion. Piano? Let it be.

The challenge was right up his alley. Plus, it involved running and Spencer is a young man with two legs. What are you trying to say?

Isn’t it obvious? This challenge was built for Spencer! You’re being sarcastic.

Hold on, I have some great new names for this season…

  • Survivor: Rigged Island
  • Survivor: Bailout on Spence Street
  • Survivor: Favor the Underdog
  • Survivor: We Couldn’t Have Scripted This Any Better, No Seriously, We Did An Amazing Job With The Script

Ugh. I know, I know. The last one was a little long. No, that’s not it.

What is it then? It’s all this riggage talk. Oh, that’s weird, I didn’t realize how annoying it was to talk about the game being rigged for certain players. I mean, how could that possibly be grating?

Nick Maiorano, huh? More like Dick Maiorano.

Serious strategy talk – If Spencer doesn’t win Immunity, he goes home. If he does, Trish goes home. If Trish is the one sent packing, it will be a nail in the coffin to Tony’s game and we should expect a Spencer win. Kass helping Spencer make a comeback in the Reward Challenge seemed to be foreshadowing the final six days. Why show unlikable Kass aiding likable, ahem, Spencer for the win?

4. Woo @YungWoo23 (6. last week – up 2 spots)


Flips and kicks and poor lies. Oh, my!

Survivor historians, does Woo have the most non-strategy related scenes for first time players? Coach probably has him beat. I should reword my question. Does Woo have the most ENJOYABLE non-strategy related scenes for first time players? I want him to father my children.

Thanks for the segue! I’m sure no one is surprised Woo is great with Asian children. Excuse me? I need to schedule a martial arts session with Woo. I’d like to turning hook kick the sensitivity out of you.

Martial arts is about self-defense and spiritual development. Plus, Woo would never allow you to hurt me! Are you done? For now.

Do you want to know why Woo is so great with children? It’s because he, like children, does three things better than most adults:

  1. He’s interested
  2. He listens
  3. He accepts

I’d like to have three babies with him. Or four. Maybe five. I just tried teaching you something invaluable and all you can think about is making ninja babies with Woo! Um, if you had ovaries you would, too.

Serious strategy talk – Woo isn’t in any danger. This is because Spencer, Tony and Trish are all aware they can beat him. Plus, Kass THINKS she can beat him. If it’s a Final Three, I see Woo getting fourth. If it’s a Final Two, I see Woo getting third.

3. Kass @KassMcQ (3. last week – same)


Her rocker isn’t even on the porch.

This is going to sound incredibly mean, but I wonder what it’s like to be Kass Level Delusional. Mean AND condescending. Whose section are we in? Touché.

Even though the game is designed to produce poor behavior, it must be so bizarre being hypocritical WITHOUT realizing it. That’s the definition of being a hypocrite. Yeah, but I’ve been hypocritical in my life and at the same time, knew I was being hypocritical. That’s not being a hypocrite. That’s being an assh*le. Ah, I disagree!

Instead of going down the low-hanging fruit path, this deserves some love…

Kass had this to say on Twitter – “A thousand apologies to for thinking he called me a B when he did not. Seriously, I thought he did. :(”

Serious strategy talk – Kass will be making her case at Final Tribal Council. If Spencer gets voted out next, Tony will make sure she gets to the end. If Trish gets voted out next, Kass will control the final six days and be sitting next to Spencer in a Final Two.

2. Trish @TrishHegarty (1. last week – down 1 spot)


The straw that stirs the Tony Colada.

Props to Trish for running on fumes and sprinting in the sand at 48-years old. She’s a competitor and you have to respect that.

Unfortunately for Trish, it’s now officially a two-horse race and it doesn’t include her or LJ. I would pay to see her and LJ make out. She should have made a bet with him at the merge – “If I outlast you in the game, you have to lay those sweet Boston lips on mine…”

“… And then you have to do a horse noise with your lips on my other”— NO! JUST NO! Aw, you never let me finish the good ones. LJ can finish on— DOUBLE NO! Aw, having this filter thing really sucks sometimes.

Serious strategy talk – I’ve already painted the next Immunity Challenge as Trish’s deciding moment. She either has a seat at Final Tribal Council or she’s voted off. See below for my “Gambling prediction”.

1. Tony @tony_vlachos (4. last week – up 3 spots)


Sling too much crap and you’ll eventually stink.

He’s. So. Damn. Savvy.

Tony had me Jersey Shore fist pumping! Heck, I almost whipped out my glow sticks when he was dissecting Woo’s lie. Guidos are the worst. And Woo’s lie was the worst! 

Wait, what was that? You know what I said. No seriously, I can’t hear you over my…

TECHNO MUSIC, BABY! UNCE UNCE UNCE! I refuse to click on that. Don’t feel like dancing? I feel like dancing on Tony’s grave. Sheesh, what a party pooper. I’ll poop a party on your face. Do that and you’ll be swimming with the fishies in your brand new pair of cement shoes.

Serious strategy talk – Much like Spencer’s and Trish’s, Tony’s game hinges on the next Immunity Challenge. He either comes in fourth or first. The only scenario in which I see Tony winning is if Trish makes the final four with him. She’s the glue for Tony, but something tells me he doesn’t realize it.

Gambling prediction – The above predictions are ranked solely on it being a Final Three and the paper odds that Spencer has a 20% chance of winning Immunity and an 80% chance of losing.

I truly believe we’re dealing with a Final Two, though, and Spencer wins Immunity. That means in the upcoming episode Trish gets voted out (Tony won’t play the regular Idol on her because he’ll be blindsided). Then in the final episode Tony gets voted out in fourth place, Woo gets voted out in third, and Spencer beats Kass to earn the title of Sole Survivor.

PS – Next week I’ll talk about Final Two vs Final Three.

Thank you for bantering with me. It was a pleasure.


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