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Survivor Cagayan has come to a close, and Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach are back one more time to talk about who came out on top and everything that went down in tonight’s season finale live on Survivor Know-It-Alls!

Tony Vlachos is the Winner of Survivor Cagayan, Tony Beats Woo 8-1 in the Final Tribal Council

Tony Vlachos is your new Survivor champion, defeating Yung “Woo” Huang by a final jury vote of 8-1. Rob and Stephen are both satisfied with this outcome, with Rob noting that Tony might not be a perfect player, but was certainly a successful one. He’s skeptical that Tony had to blindside as many people, particularly Trish, along the way as he actually did, but acknowledges that he ultimately was able to pull off the win regardless. Stephen doesn’t necessarily agree with Rob though, believing that Trish might have been able to beat him in the season’s final challenges and even possibly make a case against him in front of the jury.

Before the finale, Cochran told Stephen that Tony is the show’s best ever combination player and character, and Stephen agrees with this 100%. Rob agrees as well, recalling how much fun he’s had this season imitating Tony and repeating his catchphrases (now immortalized in this exclusive quiz!). He praises Tony for consistently keeping the show entertaining, always choosing the move that made for the best TV even if it wasn’t the best move for his game. Rob also notes that Survivor is continuing a really strong run of winners that dates back to Boston Rob winning Redemption Island. Stephen also wants to acknowledge Tony’s ability to backstab and make numerous deals but still keep allies like Woo in his back pocket until the very end, which he feels has been an underreported story this season.

The Know-It-Alls then moved on to talk about the season’s reunion, which underwent a slight format shakeup though. Rob found it to be slightly anticlimactic, as there was very little bitterness to be discussed save for Sarah and Tony. Stephen’s feelings about the finale remained largely unchanged, wanting more time to be spent on the season’s actual cast (some of whom didn’t even speak, like Brice) instead of police officers in the audience.

Beloved castaway Spencer went out in fourth place tonight, to the disappointment of many fans. Stephen, however, who’s championed Spencer all season, admits that he would have been slightly disappointed had Spencer won simply because this was the season of Tony all along. Stephen and Rob also discuss whether or not Tony made the right move to vote with Woo and Kass to get rid of Spencer rather than try to force a tie, ultimately feeling that he did make the right move because Spencer seemed more likely to be an immunity threat.

Next season, Survivor will be returning to the Blood vs Water concept two seasons after it was introduced. Rob wonders if this is a little bit too soon to bring the format back, but Stephen thinks it adds a whole new dynamic to the game and welcomes its return. Don’t hold him to this, but he’s not sure he would even mind if every season going forward was Blood vs. Water. Rob wouldn’t have minded if the show had waited another year to bring it back, but does feel like this is a little too soon to do it again.

To RHAP up an incredible season of Survivor, Rob and Stephen take your questions one more time. Would Kass have won the season were she a man, as she claimed? Has Woo earned himself a place in the power rankings of all-time dumbest Survivors? Why did Tasha cast the lone vote for Woo? And would the final vote have been closer had Spencer not pulled the half-Murphy? Plus, don’t miss the huge reveal (you need this!) of the Survivor Cagayan Fan Favorite Player of the Season Award! It’s only on the season finale of Survivor Know-It-Alls!

Special Thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s episode summary!

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