Survivor 2014: Know-It-Alls Recap Cagayan Episode 8, ‘Bag of Tricks’


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LIVE at 9:15 pm ET / 6:15 pm PT Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap episode 8 of Survivor Cagayan airs on CBS. Join us LIVE to ask you questions on the show about the episode titled, “Bag of Tricks”.

Dying to know what’s really in Tony’s bag of tricks? Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach have all the answers on tonight’s Survivor Know It Alls!

Following a power shift, LJ was blindsided at tonight’s tribal council. Of course, Stephen was devastated to see this and is wearing all black in mourning. Rob calls tonight’s episode level 1 Survivor and says that while it might be bad news LJ is gone, the good news is that LJ wanted your Survivor season to be boring and now we’re heading into a fun home stretch of the season. Stephen acknowledges that this was huge for Tony, but wonders if he needed this. He feels Tony’s in a great position with his alliance and has now voted someone out who trusts him completely, and has taken himself from a place of relative safety and now possibly upended his game.

Rob agrees with Stephen, but he doesn’t hate the move as he feels Tony successfully picked off the only person in the game he felt was better than he was. Stephen thinks Tony is sleeping on Spencer and Tasha if he really does think LJ really the only person better than him still in the game, and is also confused by Tony’s move because neither Woo nor Trish seemed likely to flip on Tony. Rob doesn’t believe Tony’s odds to win were very good, but have stayed at the same 15% that they were before. Meanwhile, LJ’s 50% chance to win is gone and Rob thinks that should count for something. Stephen agrees that LJ was definitely a threat, but feels like the under-the-radar threats are more abundant this season and ignoring them will be very costly to the other survivors.

It was a big night for the trio of Tasha, Spencer, and Jeremiah, with Tasha winning immunity and all three of them gaining significant leverage in the game after LJ’s elimination. With the core six now broken apart, Rob and Stephen feel those three are the clearest solid alliance and might be the most powerful players left in the game. Rob wonders if LJ made a critical mistake in standing up Tasha’s offer to talk strategy tonight. Stephen doesn’t think this was much of a factor, considering sneaking around might have only set Tony’s sights on LJ more. Rob disagrees though, believing that there’s a way to turn people down without alienating them or pissing them off and that no one should risk writing off even three votes like LJ did.

Though they applaud his strategy, the Know It Alls were also a little thrown by some of Tony’s other behavior in this episode, particularly his reaction to getting so many votes at the last tribal council and alluding to his “bag of tricks” tonight. While Rob doesn’t really like splitting the vote, he thinks Tony was a little ridiculous in his rant about being voted for and how he voted off Morgan because she didn’t deserve to be there anymore. Stephen agrees, even if he acknowledges that it never feels good to have your name written down. Tony continuing to lie about his occupation, considering most of the people still in the game already know he’s a police officer also confuses Rob.

To RHAP up the show, Rob and Stephen answer your questions as always. Why was LJ the only one to vote for Spencer? Does LJ’s blindside remind Stephen of the same fate that befell his former tribemate Brendan? And who should be Spencer’s date to the finale? Plus, watch as Stephen and Rob make the shocking realization that Survivor Cagayan and Survivor Tocantins are basically the exact same season. It’s only on Survivor Know It Alls!

Special Thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s episode summary

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