Survivor 2014: Aras Guests on Know-It-Alls After Cagayan Ep #7


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Sit back with a margarita from Outback Steakhouse as Rob Cesternino and everyone’s favorite DILF, special guest Aras Baskauskas, break down tonight’s action on Survivor Know It Alls!

While Rob acknowledges that Morgan was not the most exciting boot, tonight’s episode was still a fun hour for Survivor. Aras agrees that getting rid of Morgan eliminates much of the remaining dead weight on the show. Rob wonders if Morgan was treated fairly by the other players, but Aras believes that when the consensus is someone is lazy, that’s probably accurate. Aras realizes that eliminating Morgan is the safe move with the idol in play, as everyone was pretty sure she was unlikely to have it.

Aras also thinks that the worst player outside of Morgan tonight was Kass, believing she should have jumped again and remained in the middle of the game, but has now cemented herself as an expendable part of the alliance she flipped to last week. He doesn’t understand why someone would want to be on the sixth rung of an alliance. Rob and Aras both feel that Spencer could have shared that he had the idol with Kass and brought her back into the fold, putting her back in a position of power.

Aras says he understands that Survivor takes a lot out of you, but feels Kass is looking for a fight too often, which is a bad way to play the game. That being said, Rob feels his Kass stock has actually gone up after last week after seeing what the fallout was for her this week. Aras remains unsure of her chances, as he feels the earliest jurors set the tone for the final vote, and Kass has now put two people who hate her on the jury.

Both Rob and Aras were impressed by Spencer’s gameplay in this episode, winning individual immunity and finding a hidden immunity idol tonight. Both agree that Spencer played his reaction to Kass flipping well, as tantrums rarely work on Survivor. Aras acknowledges that Spencer leaving to look for the idol in a torrential downpour would have obviously seemed suspicious, and might not have been the best move for him. Rob wonders though if Spencer would have used the excuse that the steak didn’t agree with him to leave the group, but Outback Steakhouse didn’t want that in the episode as part of their product placement.

Aras also feels it was a big mistake to make almost no attempt to hide the clue from Woo’s #NinjaStealthMode, leaving the clue between his clothes rather than hidden away in the actual pocket of his pants. Rob and Aras liked that Woo had enough knowledge of the show to know that a clue was likely hidden at the reward challenge, even if Rob thinks that probably didn’t actually motivate him to follow Spencer and was simply used to set up the confessional.

In past episodes of the Know It Alls, Rob and Stephen have long debated the rules of stealing a hidden immunity idol, so Rob asks what Aras thinks about stealing a clue to one. Rob thinks it would be too good a moment for TV for them to not let someone steal an idol, and Aras mentions that you can accidentally stumble upon one like with Lisa Whelchel and Malcolm’s shorts in Survivor Philippines. The thing that puzzles Aras the most is why Woo decided to show it to everyone back at camp, creating more chaos than even Kass and increasing the odds someone else might find it instead of him.

Finally, Rob and Aras RHAP up the show by taking your questions: could tonight have been another opportunity to go to rocks? How are the Survivors supposed to find the Tyler Perry idol? And with Morgan seeming like such an obvious final 3 goat, is there anyone her boot will actually benefit? Plus, watch to learn the definitive answer on whether or not Aras would rather be cute or ugly. It’s only on Survivor Know It Alls!


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