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Not even Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach are certain as to what just went down, but they’re digging deep to figure it all out live on the penultimate Cagayan Wednesday of Survivor Know-It-Alls right after episode 12!

Kass, Tony and Trish Feud before Trish Gets Voted out on Episode 12 of Survivor Cagayan

Survivor fans turn to the Know-It-Alls for hard hitting, expert analysis, but Rob admits right up front that tonight he has no idea what events caused Trish to be voted out of the game. Not only did Tony opt not to save Trish with his additional immunity idol, but he also actually voted against her and sealed her fate. Rob wants Stephen and him to put themselves in Tony’s brain (a potentially scary thought) and consider why he would want to vote Trish out at the final four. The only thing Stephen can think of is that Tony flipped to vote in the majority with Kass and Spencer. Rob counters, though, that Tony would have had the numbers if he played the idol on Trish, which would have sent Kass home.

Rob wonders if there is something we’re missing that possibly didn’t make the edit, that could make this make sense – based on what we’ve seen from Tony, crazy moves aren’t made solely to be crazy because they always have purpose. Stephen notes that at the start of the episode, Woo wanted to go to the end with Tony – not based on any strategic reason, but only because he seemingly wanted to do “the right thing” by voting with a long time ally. With Woo growing wary of Tony, there were ways that Woo could cause a deadlocked vote at the final four, and Stephen feels this might have been a way for Tony to try and patch up his alliance with Woo.

Rob very much wants to hear the justification for this move from the commenters with regards to what Tony would be thinking by getting rid of Trish. One commenter suggests that getting rid of Trish might help him maintain the bluff that the Tyler Perry idol can be used in next week’s episode. Rob and Stephen are both still unclear as to when and how the special idol can be used, returning Stephen to his primary issue with it in that the majority of the players don’t know anything about it. Other theories from commenters suggest that Tony and Woo may have solidified their alliance in a conversation that was left on the editing room floor (Stephen doesn’t buy this considering we saw them have a very similar conversation to this right before tribal council), and that Tony wanted to put Trish on the jury because he felt she would be a guaranteed vote for him in the end.

Elsewhere, tonight’s episode marked the much-anticipated (or something) return of #CHAOSKASS. Rob recalls that last week, Kass wanted to go to the end with Tony because he was New Jersey’s answer to Russell Hantz – so this week, he’s very confused as to why Kass seemed to blow up that alliance. Stephen compares Kass to the kid in school who always had to remind everyone how smart they were, and feels that part of Kass’ strategy to want to go to the final tribal council with Tony is revealing the weaknesses of his game, and to show the current and future jurors that she knows she would only want to bring Tony to the end as a goat. Rob doesn’t really understand this line of thinking though, considering her final three deal with Tony and Woo seemed much more secure than the plan Stephen suggested, which puts her much more at risk of setting Tony off and putting her on his radar.

Rob and Stephen move on to an update of the probability that Spencer will win the game. Stephen is holding at 100%, although Rob feels his battle to get to the end will still be an uphill one in next week’s finale. Stephen’s actual breakdown: 70% Spencer, 29% Tony, 1% Woo, and Kass is creating enough chaos to get herself on a future all-star season.

As always, Rob and Stephen RHAP up the show by answering your hard-hitting questions: why did Tony tell Trish about either of his immunity idols? Where are Rob and Stephen currently standing re: final two or final three? Is Kass actively trying to lose jury votes? And who is in line to win the coveted RHAP Fan Favorite Player of the Season trophy? The answer to these questions and more, only on Survivor Know-It-Alls!

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